Am I a perfect for for breast augmentation – Dr. Rod Rohrich

Off late, there is an increase in the number of breast-related cases in women who suffer from either improper breast shape or size. In either of the instances, breast augmentation is a perform way to treat this as it involves placing implants behind the breasts to enhance the shape and size. Dr. Rod Rohrich, one of the best plastic surgeons in America and the Professor of Plastic Surgery at the Department of Plastic Surgery at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center is an expert in this area has done extensive research about the different types of issues and their possible solutions. He always focusses on creative ways to not only optimize his surgical procedures but also to enhance results for all his patients.

He says that women are looking for perfection might not be well-suited for the surgery; instead, women who are looking for improvement could be perfect fits. He also expects his patients to be reasonable and realistic when it comes to the results so that there are no hassles before or after the surgery. And when you consult, he asks his patient about their desired breast size and also questions about placement of the nipples. If he feels that the breasts are sagging, then he generally recommends breast lift alongside breast augmentation to get perfect proportion. Once your consultation is done, you are likely to meet the photographer in the facility who would click some pictures for medical records. He also expects his patients to bring medical history records for him to get a better feel for your case.


End Citizens United Seeks To End Rick Scott Campaign

End Citizens United is a Political Action Committee that has been determined to make its presence felt in the current election cycle. Recently, the organization communicated a complaint to the Federal Election Committee accusing Rick Scott of illegally benefitting from super PAC funding in his bid for the Florida Senate. Details of the allegations contend that Scott has committed the infraction to get around established limits that have been placed upon direct campaign donations.

Super PACs are allowed to raise an unlimited amount of money and also support the candidate of their choice but are not allowed to work directly with a candidate. End Citizens United says that the relationship that Rick Scott has with the New Republican Political Action Committee violates this non-coordination rule. Scott was once the Chairman of the super PAC before seeking office and the group has pledged their support to him in his Senate run.

The campaign of Rick Scott has denied the allegations that are being made against it and say that his past affiliation with the New Republican Pac is of no bearing upon the present support received by Scott from the group. ECU counters this argument by pointing out that the New Republican website showed Scott to be the group’s chairman as recently as January.

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End Citizens United was created in response to a decision made by the Supreme Court in 2010 that created Citizens United. The Pac, whose formal existence begin March 1, 2015, has a stated mission of ridding the political process of the influence of ‘big money.’ The Pac supports candidates with a similar view regarding campaign donations and supports the drafting of laws that will remedy the issue.

ECU has identified Rick Scott to be a candidate who is not in favor of reforming the campaign finance process and the organization is intent on defeating him. To do so, ECU continues to investigate the campaign of Scott and has collected more evidence of what is alleged to be wrongdoing. Recently End Citizens United reported that Scott and New Republican have both formed partnerships with Jenny Rucker, a political fundraiser.

More evidence cited by ECU is a report by the Tampa Bay Times in February that Rick Scott was at the time raising money for New Republicans. Another report, this time by the Washington Post in March, stated that Rick Scott hosted a dinner for New Republican donors.

A poll ran by the Post also found that readers did not support Rick Scott’s decision to run for Senate.

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Dr. Jorge Moll: The Researcher Paving The Way For Greater Understanding Of Neuroscience

Dr. Jorge Moll has always been interested in the altruistic emotions of humans and the drive that leads them to make certain decisions. One of the first remarkable studies that Dr. Moll came out was meant to understand the deeper connections that human brains exhibit when trying to make decisions that revolve around any kind of charitable giving or philanthropic work. This was a study that would soon pave the way for all of the future researchers that Dr. Moll would move on to carry out.


The first study that Dr. Moll carried out was with a group of volunteers who agreed to answer questions while images of their brain were being taken. This was done to understand the part of the brain that was being used when a person was asked a particular type of question or made to think about a specific thing. Most of the questions in this study were regarding money and giving it away to the needy, which went on to shed light on the part of the brain that was involved with thoughts of charitable giving.


One of the more recent studies that Dr. Moll conducted was to understand the loyalty that fans feel towards sporting teams that they support. This was not something that had ever been done before, even though it is one of the most common phenomena. This time, people were asked questions about how they would help their teams and improve them. Just like the previous study, this one too entailed taking detailed image maps of the participants’ brains to understand which part of the brain is responsible for these feelings of loyalty that the fans experience.


A lot of the research that Dr. Moll conducts is considered to be essential towards understanding the implications of human behavior. The work that he has done is considered to be inspiring for others, which is why he has become such a well-reputed name in the field. Currently, Dr. Jorge Moll serves as an essential leader to the D’Or Institute of Research and Education. Dr. Moll stands as the President of this institute and has implemented some developments that have worked for the benefit of its workings.

Nemesis Amateur Boxing Sponsorship By Beamridge: Lee May Partnership

Beamridge, a company established by a group of directors in 2013 that is related to wealth construction. with experience for many years. The company offers ingenuity and innovation to the industry of construction while we maintain the highest industry in safety and quality in the standard. After building its name due to better service deliveries to the clients, it is the construction company in the UK of their choice. It offers services that exceed clients expectations every time due to its cost-effective delivery and professional services. It has been able to achieve ISO 9001, 14001 and also 18001 and others that help them to pursue excellence. The senior Beamridge partner Lee May will be taking the 10k run that is sponsored which is an aid for Nemesis Amateur boxing. It will enable the club to purchase a minibus. All the money that will be received through donations will be given to the club and help them due to the brilliant work they have been doing. Beamridge is a proud company to sponsor the club, Nemesis Amateur Boxing so that they can be able to improve their aspect of training and provide the clubs young boxers so that they can also be able to compete in both domestic and European tournaments. in addition to boxing, the club is also able to contribute to the development of the youth who are able to benefit from the family atmosphere and the strong values by Nemesis ABC. Lee May, an avid boxing fan always and he is happy in particular when sponsoring Nemesis ABC for many reasons apart from being a fan. The company is hoping to get help so that they can be able to achieve their goal of being able to raise the £ 20k. no matter the small amount you have to donate, the Lee May and the club will appreciate it very much.


Dr. Dov Rand’s Hormone Restoration and Weight Loss Plan

Dr. Dov Rand is a specialized and expert medical practitioner. He is the co-founder and the head of Healthy Aging Medical Centers. He has been treating disorders associated with age for fifteen years; therefore, it is incontestable he is competent. Some of the age-related conditions he handles include erectile dysfunction, menopause among others. Dr. Dov Rand provides best therapies which are centered on peer-reviewed science to his patients. Additionally, he applies innovative therapeutic techniques and models to tackle common complications linked to aging. Indeed he adopts and embraces evidence-based treatment plan to handle both overweight and aging problems. In fact, he serves as an example because, at the age of 50 years, he is energetic. Regarding his education, Dr. Dov Rand attended and trained in New York at the prominent Albert Einstein Medical Center.

Dr. Dov Rand argues that for the human body to function efficiently, there should right hormones. According to him most of the age-related diseases and side effects are as a result of the decrease in hormone levels of the body. To boost healing mechanism internally, Dr. Dov Rand states that initial step should be restoring hormone levels. He further says that hormone levels can be stimulated by diet changes as well as body exercises. Dr. Dov Rand use of circulatory vitamin remedy aids the body to repair its default situation. To come up with the stated treatments, Dr. Dov Rand has done a lot of peer-based researches.

Dr. Dov Rand also uses an effective strategy which helps his patients to lose weight. One of the programs he uses on pregnant women is the HCG diet program. The program ensures that hormone produced when a mother is expecting a child provides nourishment to the fetus. However, this hormone may hinder a woman to lose weight hence Dr. Rand recommends HCG diet to lose weight fast.

Stansberry Research on the Subtle Way to Earn from Insurance Stocks

Stansberry Research is a private publishing company based in the city of Baltimore in Maryland. The company has service offices in Oregon, California, and Florida Stansberry Research concentrates on giving out researched information penned by various financial editors that are circulated in advisory newsletters which are published twice a month or once a month.


The topics that are given in the cited newsletters comprise of alternative investments, corporate bonds, biotechnology, health care, oil and mining investments, power, and natural resource investments. The company asserts that it has subscribers from more than 100 countries across the globe.


The Stansberry website featured a story about Shelby Davis who was describe to have been a financial failure most of his life despite being given the chance to be schooled in prestigious educational institutions. Davis was among the unfortunate individuals who were not able to take the necessary precautions against the crash of the stock in the 1920s.


As a result he was broke and he had to take on odd jobs like writing speeches for political candidates like Thomas Dewey who lost twice in his political bid. When the 1940s came, Davis had no savings as well as any financial prospects, and he ended up working for the New York State as its Deputy Superintendent for Insurance.


Then he got a break when he invested in stocks in 1947 using money he loaned out by his wife’s family. He did not trade but just invested the money, and reinvested the earnings from it. At present, his family still has the said investments and they are one of the leading money managers in Wall Street.



Roberto Santiago is a Brazil-based well-known merchant, sportsman, and businessman. He owns the biggest shopping mall in Brazil known as Manaira shopping mall. This mall was initiated in 1989 by him, and it’s the right place to visit for a fun time. The mall also provides a lot of coziness to its customers. The mall was established for seven years, and a great celebration was held at Domus Hall which is situated at the mall’s rooftop. The mall has eleven movie theatres which has the latest cinematic projection machinery. It also contains VIP rooms and an interactive system stadium. It has over two hundred gaming machines which can cater for the needs of people of all ages.

Roberto is around fifty-eight years, and he began his career at Café Santa Rosa. He began his journey by investing a fortune in a cartonnage firm. This company specialized in manufacturing some items that could be used for decorating purposes and utilitarian worth using special techniques. Roberto Santiago owns a Bachelor in business administration from Pio X-Marist College. Roberto holds some trophies in motocross and kart competitions.

Roberto Santiago’s Manaira shopping mall is setting a high standard for Brazil-based shopping malls covering an area of around seventy-five thousand square meters. It has been on the limelight among people of all walks of life. It serves all ages and genders from teenagers to children and also the elderly. This mall is the largest mall in Brazil and one of the greatest Shopping malls in the country. It is situated at Joao Pessoa city and neighbors Manaira. This mall has uplifted Roberto Santiago’s status making him an influential person and a renowned entrepreneur and business person.

Manaira mall has several leisure activities including live music bands and nationally known musicians playing daily. The Domus hall has good air conditioning, and it’s the ideal place for holding all types of concerts. This hall can hold four thousand seats or ten thousand persons if they are standing. The hall is a great place for holding meetings, hosting business presentation and also both informal and formal parties holding. It can also be used for fairs and exhibitions, private events or holding graduation ceremonies. The mall’s cinema has earned several awards majorly due to the 3D rooms available in the facility. Manaira was the initiator of this technology in Brazil. The mall is also one of the significant touristic places to visit in Brazil.

Jeunesse Global creates revolutionary Youth Enhancement System

Jeunesse Global is quickly becoming one of the most renowned household names in the global health and beauty industry. Founded in 2009 by inveterate entrepreneurs Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, Jeunesse Global has grown from a tiny hobby business run out of the couple’s Florida mansion into a billion-dollar international health and beauty powerhouse. Few times in history has there ever been a company that has proven so disruptive to an established industry in so little time.

And the secret behind this tremendous success has been Ray and Lewis ability to spot underserved market niches and to then quickly develop revolutionary products that are both innovative and effective to address those unmet needs. Prior to founding Jeunesse Global, Ray and Lewis had enjoyed phenomenal success in a wide variety of other businesses. They then used those skills in building Jeunesse.

One of the things that helped Ray and Lewis greatly in the early stages of growing the business was the couple’s extensive contacts within the health and beauty industry. Specifically, the couple was able to contact some of the top product-development scientists, including organic chemists, nutritionists and biologists, creating some of the most innovative and effective products that the industry has seen in decades.

The culmination of this work has been the company’s Youth Enhancement System. Designed as a single package of products that meets all the health and beauty needs of consumers, the Youth Enhancement System represents one of the strongest efforts to adapt many of the cutting-edge advancements in anti-aging science of the last three decades into usable products. An example of this is the company’s patented anti-aging molecule. Known as APT-200, the substance has been clinically proven to reduce wrinkles, restore elasticity and promote a vibrant, youthful glow to the skin.

APT-200 can be found in a number of Jeunesse Global products where it serves to compliment the company’s already high-performing skincare products. Other examples of the company’s innovations include its M1nd cognition-enhancing energy drink and its heart-protective Reserve health drink, a product that confers all of the benefits of red wine consumption without any of the risks of alcohol.

Jose Hawilla: The Information You Need To Achieve Business Success


Are you interested in starting a business or investment venture? Want to find out about Jose Hawilla and other individuals who have established great businesses and organizations? Perhaps you want to find out about success strategies of these individuals.


Jose Hawilla is a highly sought after entrepreneur in Brazil. As a great believer in positive thinking and perseverance, Jose Hawilla stays focused on his goal, no matter how tough the situation gets. It is imperative that you keep moving towards your goal, no matter how may challenges or setbacks you may encounter. It is also extremely important that you avoid naysayers and negative people and immerse yourself in an environment where there are people who will motivate you.


It is advisable to seek out mentors and advisers who have built great businesses and organizations. Read about someone like Jose Hawilla and actually understand what he has to say. Make it a habit to learn from successful people. And, do not be reluctant to surround yourself with those who are more knowledgeable and successful.


Entrepreneurs who achieve great things have a team of experts on their side. It is important to form a team of professionals who can handle various areas of your business. If you truly want to build a big organization or highly successful business, it is extremely important that you do your research and follow proven strategies to build great businesses.



Jose Hawilla has been establishing and running prominent companies and organization for decades. Jose Hawilla has a good understanding of what newbies and experienced professionals or entrepreneurs need to reach the level of success they desire.


Jose is passionate about giving advice to individuals who are serious about pursuing entrepreneurship. He is well known around the world and his peers have a lot of respect for him.


So if you want to know what highly successful entrepreneurs do to build and maintain their status in the business world, then check out Jose Hawilla. Learn about him and his business strategies and you will learn what works and what to avoid. For more details you can visit


The Lifetime Achievement Award: Robert Ivy

The Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters has recognized Robert Ivy, the Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of the American Institute of Architects, with the prestigious Noel Park Lifetime Achievement Award. This is quite the accomplishment in and of itself, but, for Ivy, it is especially prestigious because it is the first time an architect has won the award.

This award is given to people who have a connection to Mississippi and who are artists in their own write. Robert Ivy earned this award by his lifetime work of creating, performing, and supporting the arts. Robert Ivy has helped make architecture more accessible to the public, he has been a author and commentator about architecture throughout the world.

Ivy’s peers have had nothing but good things to say about him. Nancy LaForge, the MIAL President said, “Ivy now takes his rightful place in an acclaimed list of Noel Polk Award honorees.” Continuing support was seen by Carl Elefante, the AIA President who said, “As the CEO of AIA since 2011, and as an author, editor and practicing architect, Robert Ivy is a worthy ambassador for our profession.”

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While working for with the AIA, Ivy has received a number of other awards. He received the Master Architect award for his great ability to communicate the value design by the Alpha Rho Chi, a national architecture fraternity. He is one of only seven who have received this great honor throughout the fraternity’s history. Further proving his ability as an architect, he University of Arkansas Fay Jones School of Architecture awarded Ivy with a Dean’s Medal award.

Despite his success with the AIA, Robert Ivy, had his own successes before joining the organization in 2011. Prior to 2011, Ivy was an Editor-in-Chief at McGraw-Hill’s Architectural Record. While Ivy worked for the Architectural Record they became the most circulated journal of architecture worldwide. While under Ivy’s supervision, this journal received the National Magazine Award for Generally Excellence. Further, he helped launch the journal in the Mandarin and Middle Eastern version of the journal.

Robert Ivy received a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Sewanee: The University of South in English. Subsequently, he received a Master of Architecture degree from Tulane University. Ivy also served in the United States Navy as an Officer.

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