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Dick DeVos As A Philanthropist

To me, the value of a man is not in how much he gains, but in how much he gives. Dick DeVos is an example of a man with a lot of value. He has not only given to many different charities, but he has also made an impact in the system of education. Among the things that he has set in motion is the ability for people to be able to choose the types of schools that he will go to. For one thing, he has seen the value of education. He wants other children to be given high quality education so that they will be able to pursue productive lifestyles.


Dick DeVos is an entrepreneur who has followed in his father’s footsteps of running a company. He has also started a company which he has merged with his father’s company, Amway. He is someone that has been involved in many different positions. One of the most important aspects of running a business is marketing. Therefore, Dick DeVos made sure that the marketing aspect of his company was taken care of so that he could gain customers. It is safe to say that success runs in the DeVos family.


He and his wife run the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation. With this foundation, he provides funding to different faith based organizations. While he has gained a lot of wealth because of good money management, he does have a heart that goes out to people that are not as fortunate. Therefore, he is willing to provide ideas and suggestions that will help students and other people find their way out of unfavorable circumstances.