Look Out Amazon! Kate Hudson has you in her Sights

Kate Hudson, child of stars Bill Hudson and Goldie Hawn, has already had a successful career in movies. Why has she elected to invest her energies in Fabletics?


Like many intelligent women, Ms. Hudson has decided to invest in what interests her: fitness and style. A lifetime dancer and fitness advocate, Ms. Hudson jumped at the change to represent Fabletics.


Here’s where Amazon enters the picture. Rather than becoming one of millions of anonymous retailers that advertise and sell their products on Amazon, Kate Hudson and Fabletics are petitioning directly to customers everywhere in a subscription system, bypassing the retailing giant.


The answer to that is simple. When you pick and choose your fitness clothing, you end up with clothing of different quality and patterns which may or more likely may not match or go together. Additionally, you run the risk of coming home with exactly the exercise top your next door neighbor just bought.


Subscribe to Fabletics and you become a member of the Fablectics club. Membership begins with a short interview of your exercise interests, clothing preferences and color interests. This is the foundation of your curated collection. Fabletics employs this information and sends your first outfit based on the answered you submitted.


Your initial outfit is close to free; it is a demonstration of good will and product quality. If you like what Fabletics sends you, keep it. If not, return it for an appropriate exchange. Unlike many retailers listed in the Amazon jungle, Fabletics seeks to build a relationship with each customer, rather than a single sale.


After the initial sale, Fabletics tracks each item sent to you each month. Based on what you keep and what you return, Fabletics develops information on your style. Each month, Fabletics assembles an order tailored to your needs and tastes. Send back anything you don’t need or want for exchange or refund. Don’t need anything this month? Inform Fabletics that you want to skip a month or more and your order will be inhibited.


Fabletics offers unique, high-quality fitness and casual gear. The patterns and styles Fabletics has are fashion-forward and constantly changing; odds are, you won’t see yourself all over town and the gym.


For the monthly price of a quality pair of yoga pants, Fabletics sends, free shipping, of course, a selection of fitness necessities. You don’t need to face the madness at the mall; you don’t need to sacrifice valuable time walking from store to store looking for fitness attire.


With customer service at the heart of this enterprise, inspired and represented by a fashion icon, Amazon has much to be afraid of. Who wouldn’t want to look forward to a stunning new athletic outfit each month? And Amazon doesn’t offer the close-to-free first order that Fabletics has – stand back, Amazon – here comes Fabletics.

Bernardo Chua: Building One Of The World’s Largest Direct Sales Organizations

Bernardo Chua is the founder and CEO of the direct sales company Organo Gold. The company has made a name for itself in the direct sales industry. Chua has been marketing produce infused with ganoderma to countless worldwide. Chua is a Philippines native that became involved in multi-level marketing when Gano Excel hired him.

Using innovative marketing methods he created Chua was able to help Gano Excel products find a foothold with consumers living in communities outside of the Philippines.

Many of those new customers came from Canada, Hong Kong and the United States. Chua’s success has led people around the world to become familiar with his name and his ganoderma infused products.

PR News Wire also said that it was Bernadao Chua’s Chinese grandparents that taught him about ganoderma when he was very young. Gano Excel sells an array of teas and coffees containing ganoderma. Excited by Chua’s success marketing Gano Excel products, he was encouraged to moved to California and take over as president of Gano Excel U.S.A.

That made him one of the first people introducing consumers in the West to ganoderma. Chua’s marketing team now has more than a million members worldwide selling his products. In 2008 he founded his own multi-level marketing company to sell his line of ganoderma infused products.

The company is called Organo Gold.

Plus Chua continues to tell more people about ganoderma and what it can do to help them.

Chua is always seeking new ways to reduce the price of the products sold by Organo Gold. This allows more people to enjoy the benefits that Organo Gold products can provide. This has helped the company to continue to grow rapidly.

Organo Gold is now a top direct selling organization. The company has won numerous awards. Its success has made Bernardo Chua a respected business executive as well as a man young businesspeople can look to as a role model.

Learn more about more Bernardo Chua: https://www.businessforhome.org/2011/12/organo-gold-review-2012/

Doe Deere article recap

In 2004 Doe Deere registered a new account on eBay to sell her DIY fashion line. She was heavily into fashion at the time and dreamed of having a career in the fashion world. In an attempt to sell her bright colorful DIY clothing Deere began modeling all of the clothes herself. In trying to keep up with the colorful brand Deere wanted fun, bright makeup to match. After searching and searching Deere realized the market was lacking in bright playful beauty colors. Instead the market seemed to cater to natural and neutral looking colors.

Lime Crime is a great cosmetic company that offers a full line of gorgeous lips, eyes, nails, and face products. Each Lime Crime product comes in adorable packaging and bright fun colors and textures. One of the most popular products that Lime Crime has to offer is there matte velvetines lip product..

The matte velvetines lip line is a unique and innovative lip product that was developed by Doe Deere herself. It is a creative and fun way to apply and wear lipstick. The matte velvetines are richly pigmented and some offer a french vanilla infused flavor. The matte velvetine lip products glide-on liquidy smooth yet they dry to a luxurious velvet finish. They last for a very long time and are touch proof as well as kiss proof. The matte velvetines come in a large variety of colors including pink, purple, green, red, lavender and even yellow.

Another one of the most innovative products that Deere has ever created is her unicorn lipstick line. The Unicorn lipstick line is an adorable line of lipsticks that feature a cute shimmery pink packaging with a white unicorn on it. Each unicorn lipstick smells like vanilla cupcakes and glides on smooth and creamy.  They are one of the most popular Lime Crime products available today and are widely available online.

With so many new and innovative products it is easy to see why Doe Deere is such a well-respected and inspirational name in the beauty industry. Lime Crime products are sold online as well as in many different beauty and department stores all around the world.

Check out Doe Deere on Twitter.

How The Traveling Vineyard Is Changing The Wine Industry

The Traveling Vineyard is bringing innovation to the wine industry. Currently, the majority of wineries operate locally and rely on distribution by just a few distributors. The Traveling Vineyard sells wine through self employed wine guides
who get together at events known as Harvests. This new approach is allowing people who have never had the chance to start their own business work for themselves for once. The sky is essentially the limit at the Traveling Vineyard.

A Chance To Work From Home

Essentially, the wine guides working with the Traveling Vineyard are working for themselves, but they are trained by other wine guides and they routinely meet with other wine guides as a basic aspect of the business. There is very little oversight or limitations on what people can do once they are finally approved. The opportunities presented to wine guides enable them to make as much or as little money as they want to.

Who Works As A Wine Guide?

The people who have decided to work as wine guides are incredibly diverse. You find just about everything in the mix. Some people are simply looking for a way to supplement their income, but there are others who use this opportunity to create an entirely new career. The average Traveling Vineyard wine guide makes about $100 per Harvest, but this number varies greatly depending on the interest of the individual in pursuing a profit. The ability to work for yourself gives people the ability to decide exactly how they want to go about everything.

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A Change Of Pace

The Traveling Vineyard is offering an opportunity that doesn’t come around very often. People tend to find themselves following a certain career path with no opportunity to do anything different or stake a new way in life. Selling wine is a challenge, but offers people a way to redefine the direction of their lives. The demand for wine is already there, but people need help finding the right wine for them. This gives a chance to succeed for anyone willing to take it. The wine industry is changing and there is a new business model growing in popularity.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/travelingvineyard/

Jason Hope – Entrepreneur, Mobile Technology, Arizona

Jason Hope is an Arizona business visionary, donor, and an investor in healthcare technology. According to Jason, after graduating with a MBA degree from Arizona State University, he saw it fitting to do something related with business. At first, mobile communication technology inspired him due to its benefits and gets to many people, and was just the largest catalyst for his change. In addition to his business and philanthropic initiative, Jason has a committed interest in politics as associated to business in the entire state of Arizona and nationally.

As a skilled futurist, Jason Hope has earned reputation. With a clear understanding and passion in technology, he applies the knowledge to view the field and make suggestions of the condition of the future technology. On the foundation of the present technological trends, Hope has the believe that the Internet of Things (IoT) may not be a vital player in the future of contemporary society as an increasing number of gadgets are getting connected devices. Hope’s recommendation and bits of knowledge about innovation is useful to present day organizations and people who are searching for the most ideal approaches to benefit from that innovation later on.

Jason is a local of Louisville, KY, and pursued a degree from UK in 2010 with degrees in International Relations and Spanish, and a minor one in French. In 2014, he finished his MCA degree in Educational Policy Studies and Evaluation at UK too, and he is right now selected in Eastern Kentucky University’s graduate authentication program in Safety, Security and Emergency Management. Some of his primary obligations incorporate working with UK representatives who travel abroad for business purposes, non-credit understudy travel supported by UK, risk issues in management associated with global travel, traveling of students to higher-risk goals, emergency administration, and UK’s universal protection strategy.

Jason has had a long lasting enthusiasm for travel. Until this point, he has had the chance to visit and study in 34 foreign countries, Puerto Rico and 49 of the US states.