How The Traveling Vineyard Is Changing The Wine Industry

The Traveling Vineyard is bringing innovation to the wine industry. Currently, the majority of wineries operate locally and rely on distribution by just a few distributors. The Traveling Vineyard sells wine through self employed wine guides
who get together at events known as Harvests. This new approach is allowing people who have never had the chance to start their own business work for themselves for once. The sky is essentially the limit at the Traveling Vineyard.

A Chance To Work From Home

Essentially, the wine guides working with the Traveling Vineyard are working for themselves, but they are trained by other wine guides and they routinely meet with other wine guides as a basic aspect of the business. There is very little oversight or limitations on what people can do once they are finally approved. The opportunities presented to wine guides enable them to make as much or as little money as they want to.

Who Works As A Wine Guide?

The people who have decided to work as wine guides are incredibly diverse. You find just about everything in the mix. Some people are simply looking for a way to supplement their income, but there are others who use this opportunity to create an entirely new career. The average Traveling Vineyard wine guide makes about $100 per Harvest, but this number varies greatly depending on the interest of the individual in pursuing a profit. The ability to work for yourself gives people the ability to decide exactly how they want to go about everything.

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A Change Of Pace

The Traveling Vineyard is offering an opportunity that doesn’t come around very often. People tend to find themselves following a certain career path with no opportunity to do anything different or stake a new way in life. Selling wine is a challenge, but offers people a way to redefine the direction of their lives. The demand for wine is already there, but people need help finding the right wine for them. This gives a chance to succeed for anyone willing to take it. The wine industry is changing and there is a new business model growing in popularity.


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    Some people want to make some side money to buy a few extra things, but there are others who are looking for a new career and find it at the Traveling Vineyard. It is definitely the issue that bestessays has been facing for a long time that counts and it’s incredible too.


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