John Trace Highlights Some Of The Benefits Of Online Reputation Management

An online reputation is not something you can easily get rid off. It will stick around with you whether you want it to or not. Reputations can be easily spoiled. One person can leave a poor review on the web and it can be seen by hundreds if not thousands of people on the web. One of the ways to counteract poor reviews and customer complaints on social media impacting your online reputation is through online reputation management.

The first part of online reputation management or ORM is to to keep a firm grip on your online social media presence. John Trace of Josic Media says that you want to pay attention to what people are saying about your company or even yourself on social media platforms. It is very good to have a presence on social media, but it does come with a risk. You can reach lots of customers and market your business for free, but if someone does not like your service it can really damage your reputation. According to, this is why social media monitoring is so vital to ensuring you have a good online image.

The benefits to online reputation management are numerous and well worth it. The biggest benefit that stands out the most is more sales. A company with a higher reputation in the form of better reviews, more positive feedback and good press coverage will inevitably see more sales and more customers trying that product or service out. Remember, when customers shop around for a product or service, they will often make a decision based on the reputation of a firm or product. If you have a better reputation, then chances are you will get the sale or customer and not a competitor.

John Trace says it is easy to overlook online reputation management. Entrepreneurs are often busy with online marketing and many fail to realize the importance that online reputation management can have on their business. If you are busy or simply cannot keep up with social media monitoring and response, then you should hire an online reputation management firm. They can manage and improve your online reputation for you. Their service comes with a price, but the results and investment in your business should be well worth it.

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