United States Money Reserve Launches a New Program Called 2016 Summit Gold to Sensitize Americans on the Benefits of Buying Gold, Silver, and Platinum

The U.S Money Reserve is the largest existing trader of gold, silver, and platinum tender products in the world. Recently, the U.S Money Reserve announced its new development on a new television program called direct response television show titled ‘2016 Gold Summit’.

2016 Summit Gold Program

The show was hosted in Los Angeles in the 2016 Summit Gold Premier. Larry King was the host and moderator. Apart from Larry King, Michael Reagan assisted in the facilitation of the program.

Reagan is the first born son of Ronald Reagan, the fortieth president of the United States of America. He sets up the stage early enough in preparation for the program. He explains the importance of every American being able to own the gold coin as his father once stated in his regime.

The section is followed by three panelists of the U.S Money Reserve who sensitize the audience on the importance of owning the United States gold in relation to the current status of financial markets, the value of the dollar as well as its purchasing power.

PR Newswire shows that the three panelists are Philip Diehl, who is the chairman of the U.S Money Reserve, John Rothans, the master numismatist of the U.S Money Reserve and Brad Castillo, the sales department former vice president of the same organization. Learn more about US Money Reserve: https://www.linkedin.com/company/u-s-money-reserve


After the show, the chief executive officer of the U.S Money Reserve said that the company was elated to have featured Larry King, the moderator of ‘2016 Gold Summit’. Angela Koch stated that the beginning of the show is another stride towards success and that the effort should not go unrecognized publicly.

This was to be done through an award in future. Angela further stated that the discussion in the show provided critical information regarding the process of acquiring the world’s precious metals. According to her, the show was a success because of their long-standing association with Michael Reagan as well as his close bond with Larry King. These two men brought life and success to the show.

The Profile of U.S Money Reserve

The U.S Money Reserve is the world’s largest private trader of the Unites States issued foreign gold, silver as well as platinum tender products. Many clients across the world rely on this company for asset diversification through the precious metals.

These customers count on the use of these coins in their original forms of U.S. currencies in gold and silver. The team is overly qualified to offer clients with the right advice concerning the highest quality of precious metals to include in their portfolios.

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