What we need to know about Betsy Devos

Betsy DeVos made a name for herself as a leader in Michigan politics. She built on a solid record of achievement in public affairs beginning as a philanthropist and the head of a wealthy family trust. She and her husband Dick DeVos made many outstanding accomplishments and helped foster charter education. Mrs. DeVos supported Dick DeVos’ goal of a flight school program in his Western Michigan Charter school the Western Michigan Aviation Academy. By the time of her appointment to Secretary of Education, Mrs. DeVos was an accomplished civil leader in philanthropy, politics, and education.



– Mrs. DeVos Sticks to Her Principles

Betsy DeVos believes in educational pluralism, and these principles came om her core ideals. Growing up in the Dutch Community in the Holland Michigan region, Betsy DeVos adopted the Christian Reform ideas that came to America with Dutch immigrants. Her ideals were reinforced in her education and family upbringing. While many critics see her role as either for or against public education, Mrs. DeVos has been a consistent advocate for educational pluralism.


Educational pluralism grants equal dignity to charter, faith-based and public schools. For Mrs. DeVos, there is no single best way to teach children, but there are methods that work better for a given child in their local and family situation.


– Mrs. DeVos is a Fighter

Betsy DeVos earned a reputation as a fighter in the bare-knuckle world of Michigan politics. Without open confrontation, Mrs. DeVos quietly and persistently sticks to her goals until achieved. She battled many establishments to promote charter schools. While she failed to get a ballot initiative approved, her efforts have helped create Charter schools in Michigan and many areas across the US.


– Betsy DeVos Reaches Out

Mrs. DeVos made a notable appearance with the Rapper PitBull to publicize his group of charter schools. The well-known singer and songwriter has come under criticism for lyrics that some find offensive to females. Mrs. DeVos appeared with Pitbull to celebrate his sponsorship of charter schools in his hometown of Miami and elsewhere in Florida. Mrs. DeVos reaches out to support opportunity for American youth; she does not confine her support to one group on another. There are many ways to contribute to educational choice and pluralism.


– Secretary DeVos Takes Control

The Department of Education has an enormous influence over US education. Its policies make educational opportunity possible for millions of our young people. The Education system also faces new and unforeseen challenges such as pupil safety amidst the recurring sadness of school shootings and the threat of mass killings.


Mrs. DeVos has given her attention to voices that urge arming teachers; she has approved funding to buy and supply guns in the classrooms where states and localities wish to do so. For Mrs. DeVos, new problems require an openness to new solutions. Tomorrow is always uncertain, but Betsy DeVos believes there is certainty in the principles that have guided her over the course of her remarkable career.


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