Entrepreneur Ara Chackerian Shares His Thoughts On Mental Health Illnesses

Ara Chackerian is a private equity investor who manages the financial firm ASC Capital Holdings. Based in San Francisco, he invests in startup healthcare firms that are designed to introduce cutting-edge treatments and products. Some of the companies he has invested in and co-founded are TMS Health Solutions, Pipeline Healthcare, and BMC Diagnostics. He graduated from the College of Business at Florida State University in 2001 with a bachelor’s degree in marketing.

He is also involved in sustainability efforts. Ara Chackerian owns Limonopa Teak. This is a teak farm in Nicaragua that grows these trees in a way that benefits the soil rather than harming it. Hundreds of people in the surrounding community work at this farm and are well-paid. The teak is used to create furniture, flooring, cutting boards, countertops, and the decking of boats.

Ara Chackerian says that he and his business partner decided to launch their latest company, TMS Health Solutions, because they saw a need to help people who have therapy-resistant depression. They already had extensive experience developing out-patient diagnostic radiology centers so building a similar company focused on treating depression seemed entirely feasible.

They partnered with a local psychiatrist, Dr. Richard Bermudas, who already had extensive experience with transcranial magnetic stimulation. This treatment helps those who have tried going to a psychologist for their depression and found talk therapy and medications didn’t work for them. TMS is the future’s third pillar of psychiatry, Ara Chackerian says.

In order to mark Mental Health Month, Ara Chackerian wrote an article in June about five important things to know about people with mental illnesses. He wanted to do his part to remove the stigma too many people carry with them about people with mental illnesses and share how to approach mental health issues.

He wrote that one in five people will at some point in their lives develop a mental health issue. It is important for these people to share this experience, Ara Chackerian wrote, so that other people experiencing it will know they are not alone. Among other issues, he also wrote that much of the language used about people with mental health illnesses needs to be either redefined or eliminated. To see more you can visit medium.com


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