What Makes Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks Legit?

Investors who are ware of internet offers might miss the opportunity to invest in Freedom Checks, either as a result of labeling it a scam or too good to be true. Freedom Checks have been introduced by Matt Badiali through a viral ad campaign.

Matt Badiali is a geologist, having been studying natural resources for over 2 decades, and being considered an expert when it comes to the mining and energy industries. He taught geology at the University of North Carolina, and at Duke University, and in addition his work and education took him across the globe, to places like Iraq, Singapore, Hong Kong, Papua New Guinea, etc. He spent time with entrepreneurs in oil industry and throughout his career more than 100,000 Americans turned to him for research.

Freedom Checks are a tax-free investment opportunity that exists as a result of Statute 26-F, a federal law enacted by Congress back in 1987. The law enables over 550 energy-related companies to send monthly or quarterly checks to investors, which have been dubbed by Matt Badiali as Freedom Checks. The firms are titled Master Limited Partnerships, and play a number of roles in the gas and oil industries. MLPs operate refineries, drill new wells, and transport fuel through their pipelines. In order to qualify as a Master Limited Partnership and in turn benefit from tax exemption, companies must send investors 90 cents of every dollar earned.

The income tax does not apply to Master Limited Partnerships or to their shareholders, investors paying a small tax on capital gains once they sell their shares. The policy was designed to give Americans an incentive to invest in energy industry. The law was passed in with the idea that the United States needs to maintain its independence through the production of more energy, the law rewarding people who invest in domestic oil and gas producers.

A similar concept has been making headlines recently, titled Trump Bonus Checks, being introduced by Mike Burwick. There are many fundamental differences to Freedom Checks however, as Brunwick’s checks comes as a result of investment made in the companies he recommends, as opposed to MLPs.

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