The OSI Industries- The Trendsetter In Meat Industry

The OSI Industries is a subordinate of the OSI Group. In the year 1909, it began its operations as a retail meat business in Oak Park, Illinois. At that time it was a family business headed by a German immigrant called Otto Kolschowsky. Later on, it grew to become a large-scale enterprise and moved its operations to Maywood, Chicago. In the year 1928, it became known as Otto and Sons. It was well known for selling meat that was fresh and of high quality. In turn, it earned an excellent reputation in meat industry.

Agreement with the McDonald Business

Arthur and Harry, Otto Kolschowsky sons, entered into a business deal with Ray Kroc. The aim of the handshake agreement was for Otto and Sons to be supplying Ray Kroc’s restaurant with fresh meat products. The restaurant, which was a McDonald franchise, started operating in the year 1955. After some years Ray Kroc bought the McDonald business from its founders, Maurice, and Richard McDonalds. He then became the Chief Executive Officer of the McDonald’s company. In the year 1973 Otto and Sons built a state of the art plant in West Chicago. The role of the facility was to supply the McDonalds with the required products. The business continued to expand its operations, and in 1975 it rebranded to become OSI Industries.

Products and Services

The OSI Industries has its plants in the United States. They have their locations in Geneva, Chicago, Oakland, Iowa, Utah, Fort Atkinson and Riverside, California. Also, other plants are in West Jordan, West Chicago, and Wisconsin. The products are beef, poultry, pork, poultry, sausages, pizza, and seafood. They also sell vegetables, fruits, dough, and other products with cheese. The business also does co-packaging which entails labeling of prices on the products and unique packaging, among other services.

More Information

OSI Industries has its main offices located in Aurora, Illinois. Mr. Sheldon Lavin is the Chief Executive Officer of the private company. He took over when the sons of Otto Kolschowsky retired. The OSI Industries’ products and services serve both the retail market and the food processing trades in the United States.

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