Talos Energy And Their Partnership With Pemex

Talos Energy is a company based out of the United States that offers oil and gas services to their customers. They specialize in the exploration and production of oil and gas. They are headquartered out of Houston, Texas. They have operations located in the Gulf of Mexico. They are committed to the exploration and development of oil and gas for their consumers. Their services include energy, gas, oil and offshore oil exploration. Talos Energy utilizes seismic technologies in order to process their assets. Prior to creating their own company, Talos Energy operated and sold Phoenix Exploration and Gryphon Exploration. Both companies specialized in gas and oil exploration.

Talos Energy has been in discussion with a Mexican petroleum company called Pemex. The goal of this deal is to develop a joint venture for gas and oil discovery that will benefit both companies. The deal is in discussion for next year. Talos Energy was involved in a venture called Zama during the past year. That venture project took place in the Gulf of Mexico. That venture produced a major oil find and resulted in 2 billion barrels of discovery. There is said to be 800 million barrels that will be used as recoverable resources for oil. As a result of Talos Energy’s success with Zama, they hope that their partnership with Pemex will be as profitable. The goal of the exploration is to discover more oil that may be available through drilling. Tim Duncan in the CEO of Talos Energy.

During an interview, Duncan stated that the company needs to review and analyze all the data in order to make the most informed decision regarding the exploration of Talos and Pemex. In order to make a well-informed investment decision, all of the statistics and possibilities need to be studied. Many other oil and gas companies have shared their information with Talos in order to provide them with the highest level of knowledge before moving forward with a final decision. The resources produced from this partnership will be sold to the market and other distributors as a result of their businesses transaction.

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