Edwin Miranda, The Quality Biologist

With a B.S in Biology and Chemistry from Angelo State University and a stint in the military, Edwin Miranda embarked on his career which has spanned over three decades. Edwin has worked hard to build his brand and skillset as a quality assurance manager in the pharmaceutical industry. He is considered to be a practical, knowledgeable and great leader.

Miranda has worked with several companies such as URL mutual pharmaceuticals among others, his latest workplace being at Legacy pharmaceuticals. Throughout his work, Miranda has led projects concerning quality assurance earning him various FDA and New Drug Applications (NDA) approvals. The wealth of experience he has gained enabled him to spearhead a remediation program where he solved four hundred and eighty-three observations thus guaranteeing a positive Establishment Inspection report. This has elevated him as a valuable asset to any company.

During the course of his career, Edwin Miranda has managed quality assurance systems, organized teams and ensured quality regulations are upheld. It is with these qualifications that he is the newly appointed vice president of quality at Cytovance. Dr. Jesse, the senior vice president had nothing but praises for Edwin as he welcomed him into the company.

Edwin Miranda is expected to use  skills especially in FDA inspections to guide Cytovance pharmaceutical through its first Pre-Approval Inspection in February. The clients of the company are also looking to employ his know-how in their Biologics License Applications. Edwin’s thoroughness and dedication are sure to sail them through the process with ease.

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