NexBank Exemplifies Professional Banking

NexBank answers to stabilized banking with the benefits of personalizes account holder options that put your money to work. Patrons can also choose from investment, industrial, or commercialized accounts which are the three core services of NexBank. Thousands of their customers choose to bank with them because they offer secure accounts with assets estimated to be worth over $60 billion dollars with FDIC insurance. You get a piece of mind knowing your insurance is backed with absolute financial security backed by the government. NexBank is currently based in Dallas, Texas with a popular online banking feature with over 300,000 customers nationwide.


NexBank Services & Features


First-time Homeowner’s Program


Dallas based Habitat for Humanity has teamed up with NexBank to offer a low to moderate income home buying option. If you’re gainfully employed, live in the Dallas area, and have a FICO score of 720 or better, you may qualify for their homeowners program. They help you realize your dreams of owning a home, and say yes, when others say no. Get a relaxed application process that will give oh input through the entire process to maximize your investment.


Car Installment Loan


Ever thought about driving your dream car, but you’re unsure of how you’ll pay for it? NexBank offers great car installment loan opportunities that allow you to miss a payment due to financial hardship. You can make bi-weekly or monthly payments depending on your pay schedule. They also offer other great features that include a college savings program, investment options, and interest bearing savings. Take a well overdue vacation, or save some money for your long-term goals. NexBank is there to help you meet your financial growth spurt with technologically advanced banking solutions. Join the trusted team of financial professionals willing to put your money to work for you at NexBank.

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