Serge Belamant And Net1 UESP Technologies Created Blockchain’s First Usable Debit Card

1989 was one of the more interesting years for Blockchain prior to the 21st century. The primary reason for this is that the industry saw its first ever debit card using the technology. The wondrous entrepreneur responsible for this development is named Serge Belamant, and his unique early incarnation of this type of technology was of great importance. He still holds the patent on it, and it was his company, Net1 Technologies, with which he launched the groundbreaking card. This card was the first of its unique kind, and it was able to be utilized by users as far more than a normal debit card. For this reason, it was affectionately labeled the “smart card.”

It wasn’t just France, but also South Africa which took turns as the locales for Serge Belamant’s upbringing. English was always a strength for him as a High School student, and so were both chess and rugby. In 1972 it was then time for Witwatersrand University to educate him further. Engineering was his first major, but he eventually realized that he was better suited to Computer Science. Still, he opted to terminate his formal education before earning a degree, and UNISA was his alternative; there, he learned more regarding information systems. This decision turned out to be profitable for him, and it certainly did not hinder the ability of Serge Belamant to experience business and technology success.

Zilch Technology Limited is Serge the most recent pursuit of Serge Belamant, and he founded this entity in the summer of 2018. A previous and more successful company that he affiliated with is Net1 UEPS Technologies. Mr. Belamanat was the chief executive officer of this organization for quite some time, and during his time there he is credited with the 1989 smart card invention, which was a big step for Blockchain, as it proved that a usable debit card was possible with its core in Blockchain technologies. With all of his past industry exploits and very brilliant business mind, there is no doubt in the minds of most that Mr. Serge Belamant will be remembered well for his Blockchain contributions.

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