A Look At Ted Bauman The Finance Writer

Ted Bauman was born in the Washington D.C area although he, later on, moved to South Africa in his younger years where he moved between jobs while trying to make a living. The jobs he enrolled for involved those that were finance related. Ted had however pursued history and economics from the University of Cape Town.

His passion in finance sector freelancing saw him landing a job as a expert fund manager at the Slum Dwellers International Company which mainly dealt with low-income housing ventures for families that were not well off.

This was just his beginning of a successful career in the finance industry. Later on in his life, he got himself employment contracts with even international government organizations such as the United Nations where he kept building on his experience radar in the social, political and economic sectors as a whole. However, Ted Bauman returned to his country in 2008 where he got job as Director of International Programs and decided to settle in Atlanta with his family.

In 2013, Ted Bauman joined Banyan Hill Publishing where to date, he still serves as the chief editor of the Bauman Letter, the Alpha Stock Alert, as well as the Plan B Club. Ted’s specialty has been in writing about investment strategies that are low-risk in nature, as well as asset protection and privacy.

At a recent interview with Inspirery, Ted Bauman pointed out best time in career was when he purposed to become a writer as it has helped him over the years to now keeping himself busy with his interests while being in a position to help the society at the same time. He also highlighted that he intends on continuing to write even in the future years, but mostly he plans on expanding the reach of his newsletter.

He was also asked what the secret to his success is and he pointed out that time management has been the only secret, although he sometimes struggles with it. He adds on to say that when one manages their time effectively, then it is easy for them to be productive enough which paves way for business success.

Ted Bauman was also asked which book he would recommend as being a life-changing book and he says that the book’ Capital in the 21st Century’ is the best read that he has come across because it is quite realistic even when featuring the areas where wealth is concentrated in the world.

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