Nicolas Krafft Contributions to an Ethical Corporate Space

December 2018, L’Oréal was part of the corporate world celebrating the memorable ethics day. According to the management of this company, the day means a lot especially because it is in line with their blueprint. The 2018 event had four major principles that included transparency in their operations, integrity, courage and more importantly respect to all stakeholders.

The four principles surprisingly have been part of the company and last year’s event was a chance for the company to ratify the four ethical principles to their operational guidelines. Thanks to visionary input by professionals such as Nicolas Krafft, the ratification of the four principles will be instrumental in the next phase of the company especially in making responsible innovation a reality.

In addition to ratifying the four principles, the company, through its leadership has involved its employees in these activities over the years. Nicolas Krafft, for example, believes that making the day open to employees is one-step to achieving a successful day. L’Oréal has illustrated its commitment to achieving an ethical working environment over the years.

Since it is an international company with employees across the world, using technology to collect views and suggestions, have been the company’s most significant achievement in realizing an ethical and productive company. Nicolas Krafft has been instrumental in bringing employees on board to share their views and aspirations. This approach has given the company a holistic approach, which pundits believes, is the future of ethics day.

University of St. Gallen graduate is one of the professionals that believe in an inclusive approach to management. In the last few years, he has been instrumental in helping the company achieve a rich cultural company in terms of ethics. Nicolas Krafft firmly believes that it is through a strong culture of ethics that a company can deliver both financial successes and expand the discourse on human rights in places of work.

Through these processes and approaches, the company has been a recipient of some of the best awards in the world of corporate ethics. Ethisphere Institute, for example, has declared this company as the future of corporate ethics due to the company’s impressive approach to ethics.

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