Giving Back To The Society Through Varsity Education Bursaries With Gareth Henry

Gareth Henry the Global Head of Investor Relations is awarding undergraduate scholarships to students through Heriot-Watt University, his former college. Gareth Henry is a graduate of this esteemed college and looks forward to not only offering financial assistance to students but mentorship as well.

Gareth Henry issues bursaries to students at Heriot-Watt

This offering comes at a time when Gareth Henry is looking to give back to society having accomplished a lot in his professional life. A selected group of students is bound to benefit from his philanthropic endeavor and get coaching on matters relating to finance.

Gareth intends to assist students who will have graduated on how to go about building a career the way he has. He anticipates that through this initiative other alumni of actuarial sciences from Heriot-Watt University will feel motivated to nurture other young people through the provision of bursaries.

Gareth resides in New York City, a place where he has had a chance to work for various companies. He is a former student of Heriot-Watt University who scored first-class honors. Gareth worked in London before moving to the US when Fortress Investment Group recruited him. Having served in senior capacities at various financial organizations, he has gone back to assist young people aspiring to join his line of work.

Gareth Henry sentiments on actuarial mathematics

Being a successful graduate, he thinks highly of the actuarial mathematics course offered at Heriot-Watt University and feels it would benefit people looking to venture in finance sector. He is a firm believer that the programs provided by Heriot-Watt University will lead to a better understanding of artificial intelligence, technology, and machine learning.

The United Kingdom‘s actuarial profession accredits the actuarial science course offered in this institution. This makes this degree among the few to be certified by the Society of Actuaries in North America. According to Gareth, this course cuts across worldwide and is ideal for people who want to build a career in the world of finance.

The beneficiaries of this bursary should be a citizen of the United Kingdom and must have registered for the course at Heriot-Watt University. Additionally, they should demonstrate a financial need to qualify for the scholarship as well as academic excellence.

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