Edwin Miranda Career Profile

Edwin Miranda is the founder and Chief Executive officer of KOI IXS.He studied at inter American University of Puerto Rico where he did his Bachelor’s in Business Administration. Edwin Miranda conceived the idea when he was 21 years old. KOI IXS has thrived under his management since then. What motivated him was his passion and also the desire so see the idea come to life. KOI IXS is a top marketing agency, with a great record of success. The agency has offices in San Juan, Puerto Rico and also in Miami. It is a marketing agency that has that is really invested in the future of marketing. The agency works with designers and strategists who are not only passionate but also talented.

For every project KOI IXS makes, he makes sure that passion is at the center of it all. The passion that Edwin Miranda talked about can be seen in what KOI IXS does today. He believes in the mantra that other people really need to see the passion you have in order for them to be passionate about your business.

In an interview that Edwin Miranda has been, he clearly stated that he aims at delivering results to his clients. He goes on further to say that marketing today has incorporated technology in machine learning. This is in order to increase customer growth. Edwin Miranda believes that programmatic advertising is a trend that is tremendously growing in digital marketing. This technology is revolutionally.Programmatic technology is able to analyze the behavior of each user when they visit your website. Thus each visitor is given customized advertisement based on their interests. Edwin Miranda believes that programmatic technology is revolutionally. Predictive marketing is one of Edwin Miranda’s favorite books. Edwin Miranda advices that we should be both bold and passionate, just as he was.

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