What’s Next For Sunday Riley Cosmetics

Skin care is one of the most lucrative, exciting and demanding industries on earth today, and it has been this way for quite some time. Billions of dollars flow through this funnel of products and services on a yearly basis. There are many high-profile skincare brands to choose from. If you take a walk down the isle of most skincare isles at your favorite stores, then these isles will literally go on for days thanks to the abundance of products. Have you ever heard of a brand that’s known as Sunday Riley? If you haven’t heard, then you must be living under a rock. This particular brand is creating a new path to success via green technology.

Did you know that the company was actually named after its founder? Yes, this is absolutely correct, and this woman has mastered the craft of anti-aging. Thanks to the huge success of Sunday Riley, the brand has gained a loyal following. Bigger and better things are in the making as SR will play a role in marketing itself along with one of Marvel Comic’s new movies. This movie is known as “Captain Marvel.” Having a movie that demonstrates female empowerment comes right on time because the movie will launch on International Women’s Day. This collaboration will be epic in a sense as SR will display its limited-edition packaging that coincides with the movie. The idea is rather brilliant when you think about it because both entities will certainly benefit from each other.

The branding box will posses a comic feel thanks to its classic Marvel branding. The actual product is a lactic acid treatment by the name of Good Genes. This product does a wonderful job of hydrating and exfoliating the skin. Sunday Riley is here to stay, and it’s looking to cement its place in today’s skincare industry.

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