How Did Richard Liu Qiangdong Become Wealthy

Richard Liu Qiangdong created a company called It is a competitor to an e-commerce company called Alibaba. According to Forbes, Richard Liu has a net worth of nearly $11 billion. He obtained his wealth by holding the position of CEO of Before becoming a great leader for, Richard Liu was employed by a company called Japan life. He would hold several different positions while employed at Japan Life. Japan life was responsible for selling health products. It would be 1998 when he would start a company that would eventually become He began with a storefront and he called the store Jingdong. In 2003, Jingdong would switch its name to 360Buy, and it would also begin selling products online Richard Liu would close the storefronts and operate solely online.

Richard Liu would form partnerships and would sell better quality items. He would recognize that selling everyday products to remote areas would produce some value. Richard Liu Qiangdong helps form the largest fleet of drones in the world, and it allows to offer shipping options such as next day shipping and same-day shipping to his customers. He led other companies to take interest in such as WeChat and Walmart. Both companies made Investments in Under the leadership of Richard Liu, will become the first company based in China to go public on the NASDAQ. The stock rose nearly 15 percent the day had an initial public offering. The company, Google also made an investment Richard Liu Qiangdong has thoughts of expanding to Europe and Thailand. Richard Lee has been able to help obtain 100 million active shoppers.

Richard Liu is considered internet celebrity by some people. He has led the company to grow into almost a $58 billion company. Richard Liu was able to become successful with a college degree in sociology from the Renmin University of China, and he learned computer programming. His Executive MBA from China Europe International played an important role in guiding Richard Liu has led to help the user experience with new solutions and great technology.

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