An Honored Pediatric Surgeon Dr. Saad Saad

Dr . Saad Saad is a Palestine native, Israel but was moved by his father at young age to reside in Kuwait, America as refugees having flown their homeland as a results of dramatic changes. Being a refugee in America, sort a difficulty in acquiring a job and thus his father remained jobless but decided to mold his children to be successful in all means and Saad decided not to disappoint his father at all and later on becoming a pediatric surgeon.

Recently, the celebrated doctor retired after 47 years of dedication and commitment at his field of medicine. He earned his medical degree from Cairo University, Egypt and was one of the eight top ranked students with honors. He enroll his internship in England and later on immigrating to United States where he majorly served as a pediatric surgeon and also as a common surgeon. Before his retirement, Dr. Saad was serving at Hovnanian Children Hospital as a co-medical director as well as Chief surgeon.

Dr. Saad experience into medical field was one interesting true life story. At first, he wanted to be an engineer since his elder brother was one and thus saw an interest in this field. Craving for this made him accompany the brother to his work place, a construction area. It was on a summer time and during this season, Kuwait temperatures could rise above 100 degrees and this was unbearable to him and thus fainted at the construction site.

He saw this as a calling towards an air conditioned environment and through his research found that an operating surgery room is well conditioned. He made his permanent decision and decided to pursue a course in surgery rather than his earlier calling in engineering following his father guidance on a long term and high level education.

Being a salutatorian, he has given out life lessons that mentor and inspire many who are willing to move on and conquer life the way it is. Although he is a retiree, the doctor left a long lasting recorded legacy in the field of medics, his genuine sacrifice and quality services to all.

On his key lessons, Dr. Saad Saad established a successful career path by being a board certified pediatric surgeon, something rare to many surgeons in United States and this made him understand that you should at no point wait for tomorrow to successfully accomplish a task that u can do it today. He made a pivoted decision by making a wise use of time efficiently rather than waiting.

More so, he panted with two innovative and creative device patents that is an endoscope with attached suction device at the end and also an electromagnetic catheter. His inventions was to make doctor’s work easier and ensure patient’s safety in all dimensions.

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