Mathew Fleeger’s Gulf Coast Western Firm

Mathew Fleeger serves both as the CEO and also the president of the Gulf Coast Western. This is a family business which has its locations in Louisiana, Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma and Mississippi. The company was founded in Dallas, Texas in the year 1970.The company provide partnership with other partners where they put together their experience, talent and resources. All investors are educated on the benefits of investing in oil and gas and also the risks involved in the business. Gulf Coast Western has also financed non-profit organizations and also charity work. Their primary objective is to acquire gas and oil reserves located at the coastal area of US.

Gulf Coast Western domination in the south western Louisiana came as a result of two reasons. One is the fact that their partners, Orbit Gulf Coastal Exploration, had acquired many assets of the Orbit Energy Partners. The second reasons is that Gulf Coast Western had acquired property rights and also had access to many hundreds of miles which was approximated to be 30 million barrels of oil. Partnership with the two firms has enabled Gulf Coast Western to increase their domination by developing prospects in Cameron, Evangeline, Beauregard, and Calcasieu which covers approximately 1000 square miles and seen as mutual interest area.

Gulf Coast Western main interest is in the coastal region rich in gas and oil. Furthermore they have collaboration nationwide where they have partnerships with other firms. Gulf Coast Western maintained an A+ rating with the Bureau of Better Business where business ethics and principles has enabled them to achieve this.

Mathew Fleeger is in the list of Who’s Who, an international Business Profession. He is also the founder of MedSoutions before starting the Gulf Coast Western. He has a degree in Business Administration at University of Southern Methodist

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