The Life and Times of Cassio Audi

Cassio Audi has enjoyed a stellar career in the investment world of Brazil. He was a student at the Sao Paulo Pontifical Catholic University where he studied business administration and graduated in 1994. He followed this up with an MBA five years later.

His illustrious career began as an analyst for fixed and stock incomes. JP Morgan Chase, his first employer, also charged him with the responsibility of trading at their Asset Management desk. Cassio Audi enjoyed a brief stint at Dow Chemical before moving to Gillette in Brazil. He served the firm as their CFO for close to a decade.


In 2006, Cassio Audi moved to Brookfield Asset Management and served the private equity startup in the same capacity for two years. He oversaw the completion of more than 15 acquisitions during this period. His next stop was the Rossi Commercial Properties unit where he served as the Executive Director. He helped the firm improve stock performance, and raise bonds as well as capital.

GVMI brought Cassio Audi on board to help them manage their investments spread out in Brazil and the US. He helped the firm raise and manage funds until 2016, when he left. All his hard work has culminated with the position of Chief Financial Officer at Peninsula Participacoes. The investment company has no equal in the banking sector of the United States.

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