Michael Nierenberg: Leading in the Real Estate Investment Front

Michael Nierenberg is the President, CEO and Board chairman at Residential Investment Corp. He took up the position in November of 2013. Michael also serves at Fortress as a managing director. He served as global securitized products head at JPMorgan and global mortgages managing director at Bank of America Merrill Lynch prior to joining residential investment corp. Michael Nierenberg is an expert in finance with more 7 years working for Lehman Brothers and 14 years at Bear Stearns.

The New York-based company Residential Investment Corp specializes in real estate investments especially the division of residential housing. The expertise of the company’s leaders like Michael Nierenberg facilitates attractive returns for its clients. They also help in living up to the company’s goal of using investments to drive risk-adjusted desirable returns.

An investment in real estate is an investment in the community. Nonetheless, it has become difficult for Americans to become home or business owners. However, there exist investment opportunities that allow them to build businesses and homes without being held up the ownership aspect. Michael Nierenberg provides such an opportunity with the New Residential Investment Corp real estate investment trust (REIT).

A REIT is a company that owns or finances a real estate investment with the aim of creating income. New Residential Investment REIT has made it easy for the public to invest by leveraging of the market knowledge to generate great income for the investors. It focuses on assets with conventional capital structures long term and steady cash flows. Recently Michael Nierenberg announced the acquisition a mortgage company Shellpoint Partners for $190m by New Residential Investment Corp. This will lead to the integration of a wide range of real estate services such as insurance of title deeds and a third-party servicing platform.

The success of a REIT is largely determined by a strong leadership team. Michael Nierenberg leads a skilled and informed team conversant with the market of residential housing. The team and the ability to keep up with the dynamics of the market has and continues to make Residential Investment Corp a go-to company for real estate investment needs.

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