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Over the last twenty years Richard Liu Qiangdong has made a tremendous impact on the world of business. He has become well known as the founder of, one of the world’s biggest e-commerce businesses. Richard Qiangdong has build an incredible empire that has given him a net-worth of more than twelve billion dollars. He has built a reputation as an entrepreneurial genius. He is committed to bringing customers great service and being innovative in his approach.

Richard Qiangdong is a native of China. Growing up in the province of Jiangsu Richard Liu learned the value of hard work from his parents. His parents ran their own business and soon made Richard part of it. This experience only increased his desire to become an entrepreneur. Richard Qiangdong attended the People’s University of China where he earned a degree in Sociology. While in school he continued to work on his ultimate dream of being an entrepreneur. Qiangdong started his own restaurant while still in college. He also taught himself computer coding outside of class time. The knowledge that he gained outside of the classroom was probably just as important as the information he was getting in class.

Soon after college, Richard Qiangdong started his own technology store. The store sold computers and computer parts. It quickly became a popular spot. Richard’s stores became known as the ‘technology hub of China.’ His success soon allowed him to open other physical stores. A total of twelve stores were open over the next few years. This success however took a major turn when a SARS epidemic took over China.

In 2003 Qiangdong made the choice to close all twelve of his stores. The move was made with the hope of helping his employees stat safe during this time. Qiangdong did not give up on his dream however. He soon came up with the idea of selling things online. He started the website The website focused on selling simple things at first but over time added a range of products. Today it is China’s most successful e-commerce company worth a whopping sixty billion dollars. Despite this success Richard Qiangdong remains focused on providing customers with the best service possible.

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