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Chinese ecommerce conglomerate is known for making use of the latest technological innovations. It is delivering its products to far off Chinese provinces using its vast network of drones. It is using automation to make everyday processes faster. And it has started utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) for streamlining its operations.

Very recently, doubled down on its commitment to technological innovation by starting an AI Accelerator program. The initiative, which was announced in August 2018, was focused on supporting Chinese tech firms that specialized in AI development.

In its first round, the AI Accelerator supported 16 participating companies. Belonging to different mindsets but with the goal to use AI as their common factor, these companies set out to develop their solutions for real world use cases.

One of these firms brought along its expertise to develop an AI-based chat bot, which provides legal advice to users.

How Started Utilizing a Chatbot for Legal Advice

Developed by FaGouGou, a Chinese tech firm that participated in the AI Accelerator initiative, the chat bot was designed using a host of AI algorithms and systems.

FaGouGou worked closely with the legal and tech experts at to make use of their expertise in their respective sectors. Through this initiative, the firm was able to develop a chatbot that behaved like a human law expert when any legal questions were asked from it.

The chatbot was developed using highly sophisticated speech recognition technology, expansive legal databases, and complex AI algorithms that are held by FaGouGou expanded on the use cases of this already available tech and focused on providing expansive solutions. With extensive efforts, the firm was able to develop highly functional chatbot that processed legal questions and answered them with the utmost ease.

When the chatbot was unveiled, it became an instant hit among merchants, suppliers and related entrepreneurs, who used it for legal advice without having to wait to speak with a human or go through extensive processes to seek answers to their questions.

Seeing the success of the AI Accelerator’s first round where such solutions were developed, is hopeful of the next round. The company has already announced that the round will comprise of 17 participating companies.

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