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It was 2004 when Jingdong Multimedia switched from twelve collaborative storefront businesses to an exclusive e-commerce platform. Chief Executive Officer and Founder Richard Liu Qiangdong, says sincerely the transition was anticipated to an SARS outbreak that had ravished the country. The conscious decision remained a challenging one, but Richard Liu tenderly says the well-being of his staff and the longevity of his business was naturally the real motivators.

Richard Liu states that he has been operating as an entrepreneur the majority of his life. Saying more decidedly that his parents tacitly encouraged his genuine interest in managed trade, having been business owners themselves. Though he says their business was not as successful as is presently, working under their guidance taught him the essential principles of trade and consumer ethics. Richard Liu learned how to be humble and be progressive towards community incentives. Whether it be healthcare commodities or user technology, places its loyal consumer’s interests first.

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