How Rocketship Education is Redefining the Achievement Gap in the USA

Rocketship Education is a perfect illustration that an education system can achieve a balance between the students and teachers interests. In the latest report, teachers from this school system are one of the best-remunerated teachers in public schools. On the other hand, students from this education system are unmatched when it comes to standardized tests. The following piece is a comprehensive review of how Rocketship Education achieves these great results.

According to the above report, Rocketship Education is successful because of the system’s approach to money and resources. It is the first school system to have better utilization of technology. Use of technology allows this school system to direct the funds to better remuneration and in school systems. This approach has enabled this school system to have fewer teachers without compromising the quality of education. Rocketship Education management points out that this approach of embracing technology has also enabled the students to have a better appreciation of technology compared to their counterparts in other school systems. Teachers from this system also appreciate technology better compared to their counterparts in other systems.

Did you know that Rocketship Education has one of the best integration of parents and teachers? The traditional school systems separate parents from the school systems. The separation is one of the reasons why most education systems around the world are inconsistent in results. Fortunately, Rocketship Education understands the value of all education parties, and it is one of the few school systems that have put structures to involve parents on the schools’ activities. Pundits point out that this approach has helped students to have better scores and involvement of parents is one of the reasons why the Rocketship Education has one of the highest graduation rates.

Finally, the school system is one of the few systems around the world that are bridging the gap between needy students and students from well off families. A significant percentage of the students in Rocketship Education are from poor backgrounds, but the school systems give them the same quality education (and sometimes better) without overcharging them. Pundits believe that this is the greatest illustration that equitable education is a reality.

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