Article Title: Richard Liu Qiangdong And The E-Commercialization Of China

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Globalization thru E-Commerce

Today the business is growing at exponential speeds because of the globalization of merchandising efforts, the plethora of worldwide brands that can be purchased at the press of a button. Technology plays a big part in making globalization effective in any E-commerce business. This is also true of Richard Liu Qiangdong’s business The China E-Commerce giant often called the “Amazon of China” has recently entered into the E-Commerce market in Thailand where 80% of its customers shop by the use of cellphone technology. and E-Commerce

Liu QIangdong, CEO of, is also doing something to increase the retail shopping opportunities of low-income communities by building and supporting them at the ground level. For example, Liu QIangdong believes deeply in the principle of giving back to the community. He conceived the idea of a range free chicken farm in 2013 and purchased hundreds of acres of land in some of the lowest-income areas of China. Today that property has an estimated 1M chickens on over 100 acres of land that houses and breeds range-free chickens and prepares them for the market.

Free-range Chickens and low-income Communities

Chinese consumers know the importance of raising range-free chickens and the benefits it has for both animal and consumer. Furthermore, Liu QIangdong, in turn, built hundreds of jobs for the people in low-income communities. the range-free farm provides increased income for hundreds from the local communities. Globalization of businesses should have the opportunities to expand their reach to other communities, but according to Liu QIangdong the less fortunate or those of lower-income communities shouldn’t be left behind at the expense corporation should integrate low-income communities into their business models.

Modern Day Business Practices

This modern way of business is a way that ensures businesses of a future for its customers and those in local communities it effects. There are other considerations organizations and businesses need to face as environments’ natural resources become tapped out and waste from toxic plants pollute nearby communities; corporations have a responsibility to support the environment in which it relies upon for its success.

Liu Qiangdong began in small retail outlets across the cities of China but expanded into E-commercial sites thru its Today is the largest online retailer in China and has over 500 warehouses across China serving its customers.

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