Article Title: Officially Launches In Thailand

Article Text: is the largest e-commerce retailer in China with over 100 million users, and has been growing steadily over the past decade or so. Throughout this time, the retail giant has been known for a variety of innovative strategies and technologies that have helped them better serve customers. This innovation has been at the heart of Jiangdong’s growth throughout its entire history, from its humble beginnings as a small store in Beijing to a multi-national that Forbes recently estimated to be worth over $11 billion. Now, however, is continuing its expansion into Southeast Asia by partnering with Thailand-based company the Central Group.

The two have been working together for quite a while, and released a trial version of their e-commerce platform JD CENTRAL to select users across Thailand over the past few months. During this time, the pair have been collecting a significant amount of user-feedback to help improve and enhance the platform. During this time, and the Central Group have collected a significant amount of data about how these users shop and what kind of products they’re interested in. Through this, a couple of surprising pieces of information has popped up. One of the most notable of these has been that Chinese products are some of the most popular in Thailand, with a variety of Chinese brands making up a large portion of sales.

These brands have included the likes of OnePlus, Lenovo, Xiaomi and Huawei. Furthermore, it’s been noted that there are a few specific categories that have taken up a considerable portion of sales. The most significant of these have been top fashion items, mobile devices and more short-term products such as makeup and other perishables. On top of this, and the Central Group have noted that the majority of their users, 80%, accessed the e-commerce platform through a mobile device. Coupled with a variety of other feedback, the pair have been able to use this information to optimize JD CENTRAL for their customers’ needs. This led to a full release several months after the trial began, and JD CENTRAL has been growing steadily since then.

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