Roseann Bennett Talks Maintaining Mental Health In The Workplace

Our mental health is essential to our state of well-being. Every day, we see the effects of disorders related to mental health in the news, and on social media. Mental illness affects the way a person thinks or feels, and as such, can also directly affect their actions.

It’s no secret that the workplace can carry its own potential stress, and businesses and employers are starting to look for ways to help their employees address their mental health issues in hopes of avoiding conflict and to help promote a safe and positive working environment. Licensed marriage and family therapist Roseann Bennett is committed to raising awareness on mental health issues, and helping others stay on top of their well being in the workplace, and in everyday life.

During Mental Health Awareness Month, Bennett spends her time giving out helpful tips on handling mental health and stress management. Her number one tip- talk to someone. There are so many stigmas and misconceptions placed around mental health, that it can be discouraging, making it hard to seek help. Whether it’s a counseling professional or a close friend, talking to someone you trust about a problem you may be having is one of the best ways to deal with it.

When it comes to stress management in the workplace, Bennett says that it is important for employers to give employees time to decompress with adequate breaks and flexible lunch schedules. They can also provide information on therapeutic services and other resources that promote over-all well being. Encouraging teamwork and bonding is also a great way to help release tension in the workplace, and can help promote stronger relationships amongst employees.

It is Bennetts belief that we can not choose our situation, we can, however, decide how we respond to it, and realizing this is the first step to achieving well-being.

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