Article Title: Agera Energy: LED Bulb Switch Opportunities

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Agera Energy is a company that is dedicated to forming a world that responsibly uses energy and electricity, a world that runs with sustainability and efficiency whilst taking care of the environment with their utmost capabilities. Agera Energy wants to provide their clients and market with alternative solutions and alternative products to not only lower down the energy costs and consumption, but also to lower environmental effects that these consumptions cost.

For example: Agera Energy provides their clients with LED switching programs. LED light bulbs serve as a great alternative for traditional light bulbs – not only do they provide a brighter light, but they also consume way less energy than the former. For businesses or buildings that would want to make the LED switch but does not currently have the budget for it, Agera Energy Company provides them with a rebate program specifically for switching out their entire lightbulb system with LED bulbs.

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