Article Title: How Instagram Transformed The RealReal

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The RealReal is a masterful company that understands exactly their ideal shopper. The company works extremely hard to create a brand that resonates with today’s millennial consumer. They understand the needs and desires of their customers. They understand who their audience is and what this audience wants. The RealReal speaks to a younger demographic that craves authentic designer brands just as much as older generations. The only difference is The RealReal has tapped into the millennial audience who craves the name brand but name brand pieces that have been shared by a community of people.

Resale has not always been one of the most favorable parts of fashion. But nowadays, millennial shoppers enjoy having a fashion essential for only a temporary amount of time. After that, the shopper sends the pieces off to someone else. The RealReal has shaped the luxury resale space into a million dollar cash cow. They have Instagram to thank for their massive success.

The millennial shopper lives for Instagram’s fashion bloggers. Instagram is the new fashion magazine. It is the go-to place for fashion seekers. The RealReal learned this early on when developing their marketing strategy. They have created an Instagram page that showcases everything the luxury reseller can offer shoppers. From handbags to footwear to classic fashion pieces to fine jewelry, The RealReal will cater to every part of your wardrobe due to their massive selection of apparel and footwear. The RealReal offers many products in there stores that line the West and East Coast. These brick and mortar locations give shoppers a spectacular shopping experience.

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