Rebel Wilson: An Unstoppable Force

Right now, there is absolutely nothing that can stop Rebel Wilson. She is on fire and she is rolling in 2019. This is her best year yet, by far, and she has proven that by receiving top billing in the romantic comedy, Isn’t It Romantic, which she also serves as a producer.

She stars alongside her former co-star Adam Devine and Hollywood heartthrob Liam Hemsworth. Her character is stuck inside of a romantic comedy, which is a genius idea for a premise. It has received tremendous reviews and fans of Rebel Wilson have gone home laughing and smiling after seeing it.

In addition to that, Rebel Wilson is also going to be in the movie version of Cats as she will be playing Jennyanydots. On top of being in Cats, she has a movie coming out next month called The Hustle alongside Hollywood great Anne Hathaway.

The two of them together promise to produce comedy gold, as they will surely have a ton of fun playing off one another in comedic scene after comedic scene. It’s a remake of the popular film Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. Rebel Wilson is also a producer on this one. She is trying to dip her toe into as many avenues as possible in Hollywood. Read more: Isn’t Romantic Review and Isn’t Romantic Trailer – Hollywoodreporter

As a matter of fact, it would not surprise me if she ended up directing a feature film one day. A lot of people have doubted her in the past, but she has ignored the noise and focused on the positive.

She knows she is good at what she does and she is confident in what she brings to a project. It is a big reason why she had such quick success when she moved from Australia to the United States. She hasn’t even been in the states for a decade, and she has been in the Pitch Perfect franchise, How To Be Single, and Pain and Gain to name a few.

When she made that move in 2010, it only took her two days to find an agent. Once they saw her, they came out and said there was no one like her, which is high praise in the ever-competitive Hollywood.

Other actors are trying to be someone else or fit in to get the part. With Rebel Wilson, she is happy being herself and doing her own thing. It’s her own personal road map to success in Hollywood.

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