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Dr. Saad Saad uses principles to carry out his missions

Dr. Saad Saad is a successful surgeon who has built a vast portfolio in the medical world. He has been in the industry for many years, and he has a lot of experiences in his life as a pediatric surgeon. He is not only trying to save the lives of people but also he wants the best for the medical fraternity.

Dr. Saad Saad has been doing his best to improve the delivery of medical services to patients. He believes his inventions will positively change the medical world. He is a doctor who is always looking for ways to be innovative. For example, he has a patent invention whereby the device works together with an endoscope to enable surgeons to have clear visibility. Fogging is a significant problem when performing a surgical procedure because it obstructs the doctor’s view.

Dr. Saad Saad also has another patent invention whereby an electromagnetic catheter will be used instead of the conventional catheters. The device is useful in the medical world because it helps to locate the position of catheters in the body of patients. When the tip of the catheter is above the device, it lights, and the doctor can now know the location of the device.

Using this device means you do not have to use guide wires because they can break while in the body causing further complications. Although they have not yet been produced, some companies have shown interest, and soon it could help doctors from different parts of the world. Read more: Life Lessons from Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon and  Dr. Saad Saad Medical Missions | Chronicle Week

Those who want to achieve the same success can learn from the experience of Dr. Saad Saad. For example, he says you should always strive to achieve your dreams and do not settle for what you believe you do not deserve. He was born in Palestine at the time when Israel was establishing itself as a nation.

There was trouble in the country, and at a young age, Dr. Saad Saad left Palestine with his parents, and he went to Kuwait where he became a refugee. His father was a successful mechanical engineer, and he constantly guided Saad. He would always remind him that the best way to achieve his dreams and have positive impact on the society is by working hard in school.

Dr. Saad Saad experienced many challenges while in Kuwait but he did not let this to change his destiny. For example, he fainted one time when he was with his brother at a construction site.

He realized he did not want to work under the scorching sun and that is when he made up his mind to work hard and become a doctor. Today he has achieved his goals and has saved the lives of many children who needed his help.

Talos Energy On The Move With Expansion Plans

Talos Energy is one of the fastest growing exploration and production companies in the energy sector. CEO Tim Duncan heads the company. Under his leadership, this company has made significant growth in a very short time. From a little-known company, Talos is today one of the companies which are acquiring other players in the industry. Since the acquisition of Stone Energy Corporation, Talos Energy has made other significant acquisitions. Recently, it declared its intention to acquire Whistler Energy II. This comes in the backdrop of a major development where the company announced that it had discovered massive oil deposits in its Zama-one field. This discovery has put the company on the perfect path towards its expected growth going into the future.

The acquisition of Zama-one project came after the government of Mexico introduced amendments to a law that had previously barred private companies from engaging in oil exploration and production activities in the Gulf of Mexico. This industry has for a long time been nationalized, and only public companies under the government of Mexico were allowed to engage in these operations. After the change to this law, Talos Energy is one of the companies that moved with speed to acquire some space in Gulf of Mexico. While other companies feared that they might make losses since the fate of the fields were not known, Talos under the management of Tim Duncan took the risk.

In 2017 the risk by Talos Energy finally paid off after the massive oil deposits that were discovered in this field. Talos Energy is focused on capitalizing on available emerging opportunities to boost its growth plan. Although it remains unknown how large production capacity of Zama-one field will be, it is expected that it will rival Discoveries, a field that produces about 100,000 barrels per day. Tim Duncan exudes confidence that the company will be making huge strides towards the accomplishment of its goals since it is already achieving more than their expectations.

In September 2018, Talos Energy announced that the National Hydrocarbons Commission of Mexico had approved Zama-one discovery appraisal program. This appraisal means that Talos now has the right to engage in further discoveries.

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A Look At Ted Bauman The Finance Writer

Ted Bauman was born in the Washington D.C area although he, later on, moved to South Africa in his younger years where he moved between jobs while trying to make a living. The jobs he enrolled for involved those that were finance related. Ted had however pursued history and economics from the University of Cape Town.

His passion in finance sector freelancing saw him landing a job as a expert fund manager at the Slum Dwellers International Company which mainly dealt with low-income housing ventures for families that were not well off.

This was just his beginning of a successful career in the finance industry. Later on in his life, he got himself employment contracts with even international government organizations such as the United Nations where he kept building on his experience radar in the social, political and economic sectors as a whole. However, Ted Bauman returned to his country in 2008 where he got job as Director of International Programs and decided to settle in Atlanta with his family.

In 2013, Ted Bauman joined Banyan Hill Publishing where to date, he still serves as the chief editor of the Bauman Letter, the Alpha Stock Alert, as well as the Plan B Club. Ted’s specialty has been in writing about investment strategies that are low-risk in nature, as well as asset protection and privacy.

At a recent interview with Inspirery, Ted Bauman pointed out best time in career was when he purposed to become a writer as it has helped him over the years to now keeping himself busy with his interests while being in a position to help the society at the same time. He also highlighted that he intends on continuing to write even in the future years, but mostly he plans on expanding the reach of his newsletter.

He was also asked what the secret to his success is and he pointed out that time management has been the only secret, although he sometimes struggles with it. He adds on to say that when one manages their time effectively, then it is easy for them to be productive enough which paves way for business success.

Ted Bauman was also asked which book he would recommend as being a life-changing book and he says that the book’ Capital in the 21st Century’ is the best read that he has come across because it is quite realistic even when featuring the areas where wealth is concentrated in the world.

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