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Neurocore is a research group that treats people with conditions of all kinds with brain training. With the success and the expansion of the group there have been more clinics opened all over the country. This, in turn, has created quite a bit of job all over the country for those with the right qualifications. In order to be eligible for a job with Neurocore, one must have a bachelor’s degree and great customer service experience. Depending on the position that you apply for there may be more or fewer requirements. When it comes to the experience that you can expect when working for the company all of those who have worked for the company in the past have said that it was a great experience. Overall the staff and management is very supportive and creates a loving environment to work in. Read more about Neurocore at

Of course, the company is only interested in those that highly motivated and eager to learn as what they do is much different than anything else going on in the country right now. For those that do end up working for the company they do report that it is a learning curve for a while but because of the great management and support, they are able to pick up and run pretty quickly. The staff also has to learn about the brain training that is done no matter what position it is that they have. For those that want to get hired having experience with great recommendations and being bilingual can give one a huge advantage as there are many patients coming from all over the country that may or may speak English. Visit to know more about Neurocore. The current option positions can be found online where you can narrow down the search to where you live or to where you are willing to move to. For the most part, Neurocore hires full time and does give benefits to all of the full-time employees that it has on staff as the company knows how important it is to take care of their own, as well as, to take care of their patients that rely on them.