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Depression Treatment Using Neurocore


The human brain is the most amazing organ in the body. Despite it being the most adaptable and resilient organ, the human brain is considered the source of all that happens in the body. They range from thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and perceptions. The mind is made up of billions of cells that put in practice the chemical signals in the regulation of the electrical activity through the entire brain. The millions of neurons give room for thinking, reasoning, and crunching of complex information. Therefore, to understand the mind, one needs to contemplate how the organ works. While knowledge about the human brain is still a mystery, the researchers and scientists are working in equal measures to break through the secrets of the mind.

Neurocore and their services

Neurocore was established in 2004 with the primary vision of providing brain training, brain assessment tests, and enhancement. Therefore, the Neurocore Brain performance centers make use of neurofeedback, and EEG to assist in eradicating sleeping disorders, improve mental acuity and boost the ability of the client to manage stress and depression. Furthermore, the center combines neurofeedback with a particular type of feedback known as biofeedback. Biofeedback, also known as the heart rate variability learning, commonly abbreviated as (HRV).

This sophisticated procedure/ training conducted by Neurocore involves controlling the breathing patterns of one person using what is known as the therapeutic breathing methods. To achieve this, one needs to combine their subconscious mind with the regulation of their breathing patterns. Therefore, the patients at Neurocore have the upper hand when it comes to strengthening their mind and body connection as well as enhancing their mind performance as well.

Depression Treatment using Neurotherapy

One of the most severe types of depression is known as the major depressive disorder. From the research conducted by the National Institute of Mental Health, the clinical kind of depression affected about ten million people in the United States. Nowadays, neurocore patients use neurofeedback to exercise their brains on how to overcome depression symptoms as well as defeating the disorder altogether. Therefore, doctors are using what is known as the neurocore brain therapy training.

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