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How Malcolm CasSelle is Changing the World of Virtual Gaming

There are two main challenges any virtual gamer faces- security, and high charges to convert currencies to tokens. These two reasons have pushed potential gamers and investors away. The challenges have also led to a decline in the multi-billion industry. These two threats made virtual gaming insecure and centralized opposed to being safe and decentralization.

Fortunately, Wax, (a company that offers one of the best cryptocurrency services to gamers) has been on the lead to making virtual gaming fun again. Besides, WAX is also unparalleled provider of game skins. Malcolm Casselle who is in charge (as the President) of this impressive company believes blockchain technology is the future of safe and more efficient virtual gaming. With WAX, gamers do not have to worry about high exchange rates when buying gaming tokens. Alternatively, one does not have to worry about whether their money is safe from hackers.

Malcolm Casselle has been a game changer in this industry for some time. He is one of the strongest believers of cryptocurrencies and their future to a more secure online space. To cement his belief on cryptocurrencies, he was among the first few people to accept this new form of payment as a legitimate way to trade. Apart from being strong-willed and disciplined, Malcolm Casselle has solid work ethics. These parameters make him remain grounded on his business principles. Besides, the language barrier is a non-issue to him since he can speak both Mandarin and Japanese.

Nevertheless, why is Malcolm Casselle such a futuristic thinker? First, he has been in the alternative payment industry for many years now. As the president of the fastest growing company (Worldwide Asset eXchange-WAX), he brings a lot of experience to the company. Some of the other companies that Malcolm Casselle has worked for include tronc and SeaChange Int’l. In all these companies, he worked under different capacities, and this gave him unmatched exposure.

The Computer Science graduate from two prestigious institutions (MIT and Stanford University) has never been shy to invest in companies with an alternative approach to business and online space. Some of these companies include companies that have blockchain technologies, Zynga and Facebook. According to him, this line of companies represents the future of trading.

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Wes Edens Enjoys Success

Wes Edens is principal and one of the three founders of Fortress Investment Group, a private equity firm founded in 1998. Along with Randal Nardone and Rob Kauffman, Edens brought a deep background of financial knowledge and experience to the new company. A graduate of Oregon State University, Edens had held prior positions at Lehman Brothers and Blackrock, where he was partner and managing director at both companies.

Headquartered in New York, Wes Edens is responsible for the Private Equity Division, the core area on which Fortress was founded. Eden is known for his ability to wade through incredibly complex scenarios, and turn them into substantial returns for Fortress. Due in large part to Edens’s skills and knowledge, Fortress Investment Group has achieved global success. Although Edens is intensely involved and busy with the daily operations of Fortress, he makes time for other interests.

One of Wes Edens’s most interesting projects is a private passenger train system called Brightline. The system is owned by Fortress Investment Group, and is managed by Edens. Brightline trains make several runs each day between Miami and Fort Lauderdale, and runs other routes between West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale. The trains offer free wifi, food services, and other amenities. Edens is hoping to continue to extend routes in Florida, and is interested in a Dallas to Houston Brightline connection, as well as other possibilities. Brightline trains have successfully eased the stresses of the commute for many in the area, and have shortened travel times.

Also, Wes Edens is a billionaire with an interest in sports. In 2014, he and Marc Lasry purchased an NBA team, the Milwaukee Bucks. The deal to become an owner of a professional sports team cost 550 million dollars. Recently, Edens and Nassef Sawiris, a wealthy Egyptian, agreed to buy a 55 percent stake in the Aston Villa Soccer Club, an English team. The team was struggling financially, and the 39 million dollars injected by Edens and Sawiris will strengthen the club. Edens and Sawiris, both soccer fans, hope to help bring the club back to a level of maintainable success. Since Edens seems to know how to achieve success, fans should be reassured. Nassef Sawiris and Wes Edens buy Aston Villa controlling stake

Felipe Montero: His Impact on the Economic Developmental Projects

For a country to achieve economic development, community leaders have to be united. The public and private sector have to collaborate to develop better infrastructure within the shortest time possible. Felipe Montero Jens is of the opinion that the meeting that brought Argentina’s governors together was a good move set to encourage the private firms to invest in infrastructure. The minister of development and infrastructure believes that, when Latin-American investors are given the opportunity to invest, they feel that they were involved in economic development.

The minister called upon Inter-American Development Bank to assist in improving the skills set in the country by investing in education. The key areas that need investment are project development and disaster management. More so, the minister of finance in Argentina and the bank chairman vowed to put the effort to ensure that the bank facilitates the planning process so that the projects can be accomplished. According to Felipe Montero Jens, the government has to support private projects via agreements if an economic revolution is to be. Visit their website to learn more.

The bank’s president urged the government to take up the investment ideas that other countries offered it. The bank has been and still is instrumental in increasing the economic growth of the country. The president of the bank added that he would be adjusting some of the bank’s policies so that they meet the social needs of the community. The bank seeks to reduce the gender inequality gap, and come up with sustainable projects which will guarantee the economic development taking place in line with the set environmental standards.

Felipe Montero Jens affirms that positive results have been seen in the partnerships between the public and private sectors. The quality of lives has changed from the projects they have undertaken. He says that the quality of the roads has improved immensely as a result of the public works. Also, water has stopped being a rare commodity. These partnerships have enhanced the relationships between the banks and the government. As a result of the good relationship nurtured over the years, the banks have offered the government huge loans to facilitate the developmental projects. Read more: