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The Life and Times of Cassio Audi

Cassio Audi has enjoyed a stellar career in the investment world of Brazil. He was a student at the Sao Paulo Pontifical Catholic University where he studied business administration and graduated in 1994. He followed this up with an MBA five years later.

His illustrious career began as an analyst for fixed and stock incomes. JP Morgan Chase, his first employer, also charged him with the responsibility of trading at their Asset Management desk. Cassio Audi enjoyed a brief stint at Dow Chemical before moving to Gillette in Brazil. He served the firm as their CFO for close to a decade.


In 2006, Cassio Audi moved to Brookfield Asset Management and served the private equity startup in the same capacity for two years. He oversaw the completion of more than 15 acquisitions during this period. His next stop was the Rossi Commercial Properties unit where he served as the Executive Director. He helped the firm improve stock performance, and raise bonds as well as capital.

GVMI brought Cassio Audi on board to help them manage their investments spread out in Brazil and the US. He helped the firm raise and manage funds until 2016, when he left. All his hard work has culminated with the position of Chief Financial Officer at Peninsula Participacoes. The investment company has no equal in the banking sector of the United States.

Highland Capital Management, the best Place to Seek Investment Refuge

Highland Capital is an investment adviser firm with approximately $15 billion assets under management. Mark Okada is the chief investment officer, and he was among the founding members of the company. Mr. Okada central role is to manage and control Highland`s full investment activities carried out in institutional and retail investment level which includes hedge funds, collateralized loan obligation, separate accounts, mutual funds and the likes. Visit to know more about him.

With over 3 decades of experience in the credit market, Mr. Okada has made a reputation in this field market, mostly being referred to as industry innovator in alternative credit investment. He is a portfolio manager for Highland Floating Rate Opportunities Fund and a member of the board of directors at NexBank Capital Inc., a financial service company with its headquarters in Dallas.

Mr. Okada holds a prominent position in various institutions such as Common Grace Ministries, Inc. where he is the Chairman of the board, a member of the Japanese Evangelical Missionary Society as well as chairman of the board of directors of Education is Freedom, a non-profiting organization that provides support for underserved college students based in Dallas. Additionally, Mark Okada serves on the executive committee of Dedman College Humanities and Sciences at Southern Methodist University and also he is the leader of the US-Japan Council.


Highland Capital is one of the largest and most experienced global alternative credit managers specializing in credit strategies as well as alternative investments which include emerging market, long and short equities, and natural resources. Highland Capital had made two investments with the recent one carried out on 4th April 2017, investing $25 million in Amino. The firm has also raised a total of $147 million in a single venture fund to Highland Asia and North American-focused healthcare fund. The was released on 12th May 2017. Read more at Wikipedia about James Dondero.

Stream Energy: Giving Back to the People of Texas Through Stream Cares

Stream Energy, based in Dallas, Texas, is an example of a company that is taking customer care to a different level. The company was established in the early 2000s by two visionary men who wanted to provide affordable energy to the community. Because of the cheap and reliable energy that they market, the company gained a lot of customers. They also branched out their services to provide not just energy, but also wireless connections and other related products. The company saw an opportunity to expand after they have been granted permission by the state of Texas to operate outside its borders. The company quickly engaged in a partnership with other businesses especially in the northeast, where affordable energy is in demand. The company was able to set foot on New England and started to service the states one after another, with Delaware becoming their most recent client. Stream Energy continues to expand and provide affordable energy to people who could no longer pay their previous surging bills. They look into Stream Energy as a reliable alternative, and their efficiency in operations allowed them to gain more customers than they could ever imagine.

Stream Energy also launched Stream Cares recently, to go with their passion of providing world-class services to the people. Stream Cares was established in 2017, as their answer to the growing calls for help from many people who were affected by Hurricane Harvey. The destruction caused by the hurricane was apocalyptic, and the damages were estimated to reach up to $120 billion or more. People who survived were taken to evacuation shelters, where they were given first aid, food, and water. To help the survivors, Stream Energy stepped up and provided money to the American Red Cross, ordering them to use it to buy supplies.

Stream Energy, through Stream Cares, showed the people of Texas how a company like them would mobilize their departments to make sure that the people are being taken care of. The company is grateful that the people of Texas have supported them through the years, allowing them to expand their operations. The management says that it is the time for them to give back.