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Why Betterworks Believes a ‘Culture of Feedback’ is Necessary for Business Growth

In a large business or even a small business, communication can be difficult. A conversation isn’t difficult. Businesses strive on small talk. However, effective communication is often something that businesses struggle with. This may be surprising given all of the new ways that people can communicate with each other. Without effective communication, projects can be unclear. Employees might not be sure what they’re doing and may result in a slow progression of the project. Or, perhaps even worse, the project may be done incorrectly. In some cases, even, employees may be uncomfortable in certain situations. Without a culture of feedback, you may never be made aware of these problems. That, according to Betterworks, is exactly why your business may not thrive as much as it could.

If you’ve never heard of Betterworks before, this piece of software is used to breakdown work data into understandable chunks. These chunks can then be translated into goals that are easy to track. Betterworks can examine any facet of your business and come up with goals and strategies to improve your business. Recently, Betterworks examined how the makeup and structure of an HR team affected a businesses’ productivity and success. In its findings, it discovered that the makeup and structure played an important role. This is especially true with its focus on something called “Culture of Feedback.”

Betterworks suggested that all businesses need to have a culture of feedback. Businesses that had a C-level employee in its HR chain were reported to have a higher success rate. This was because that C-level employee was able to report to other C-level officers about the state of employees and the work environment. Armed with this knowledge, positive changes were made swiftly and effectively.

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