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2019 cannot get any better for Rebel Wilson. It started with the success of her film, Isn’t It Romantic followed by the announcement that she would be featured in a new movie, Cats alongside Taylor Swift. It is not even mid-year and the award-winning actress is already making a lot of money with her different projects.

Rebel acted in Isn’t It Romantic as the lead actress and fans were thrilled about this. She was able to embrace the character of Natalie properly and bring out her emotions and feelings on the screen. On March 2nd was Rebel’s birthday, and her friends decided to surprise her with a party which she shared with her followers on Instagram.

The day started with Rebel and her pals taking a cake making class where they learned how to make a cake. The result was a birthday cake for Rebel which they enjoyed together. They later went to Rebel’s apartment and hanged out eating some pizza. The highlight of the day was when they went for a workout that got Rebel Wilson happy. Read more: Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour and Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair

The workout, which Rebel referred to as ‘catzexrcise’ because they were dressed in cat costumes seemed to be enjoyable with Rebel and her team making some dance moves. The exercise lasted a total of 30 minutes including the rehearsal and the whole routine.

Rebel shared a total of two videos and then went ahead to recommend the routine to her followers who were looking for ways to get an incredible summer body. The day was a success and Rebel was happy that her friends went out of their way to spend time with her during her birthday.

Fans are now waiting for the premiere of Cats, the new movie that Rebel is working on. The cast is filled with many talented and amazing actors who will make the movie much more interesting to watch. Rebel Wilson is in love with the cast and did not fail to post a picture of them on social media praising their work.

Taylor Swift is also included in the movie, and Rebel Wilson is very excited to work with her, She said that Taylor is the most incredible person to work with and she looks forward to more days with her.

Rebel is straight forward and outgoing, but she was once a shy little girl in the suburbs of Australia where she lived with her family. Most of the time she kept to herself and her mother in an attempt to make her socialize more enrolled Rebel to a stage play. Rebel started acting at an early age earning her a lot of experience. She is now a household name across the globe, and many people take inspiration from her work and personality.

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Rebel Wilson’s isn’t It Romantic could be Worth the Watch!

Rebel Wilson may not be your typical romantic comedy actor, but she fits into the formula just fine in the typical genre.

Being a pseudo-reluctant icon of another romantic comedy, “Isn’t It Romantic’’ is graced by fewer montages than many viewers may expect. However, one right thing is the first-act that serves as a turning point for the jaded architect who works at a New York firm. Rebel Wilson who plays Natalie reiterates her reasons for hating movies such as “The Wedding Singer’’ as well as “My Best Friend’s Wedding.’’

What she doesn’t know is that she is trapped in a romantic comedy of her life. Her rant is the movie’s way of signaling what has been planned ahead of the next hour. Honestly, it’s time someone did the justifiable review for the movie since the genre pokes the postmodern fun-setting of a typical comedy-drama.  Read more: Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair and Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour

Natalie who defies the usual clichés by residing in a dingy cabin near a drug dealer in New York’s borough says that she hates romantic comedies. However, it seems like she may have seen them all. The opening of the film scene catches her younger self watching “Pretty Woman” like Abigail Breslin reads a VHS recording of the Miss America pageant.

The movies acknowledge the fact that the featured broadcasts aren’t aspirational material for teenage girls. Rebel Wilson is a natural comedic talent who stars in several programs such as “Fat Amy’’ where he steals the show from the size-4 Anna Kendrick who plays in the entertaining show the “The Pitch Perfect’’ series.

As a child, Natalie’s drunken mother tells her that movies aren’t meant for girls like them. Her character slowly starts to realize that she is expected to be at the center of such a series of events. She meets Josh (Adam Devine), her workplace best friend who is also her soul mate then her life turns into an exaggerated farce when she wakes up in a dreamy emergency room.

Her life has taken a turn since she is now in a relationship with the firm’s playboy customer Blake (Liam Hemsworth) who is smitten by her bubbly personality. On the other hand, Josh who has never had a girlfriend marries a swimsuit model, in a role played by Priyanka Chopra.

Born in Australia, Rebel Wilson attended the Australian Theater for Young People and Second City in the United States of America. Following a successful stage as well as television career in her native land, she started focusing on feature film projects in America.

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