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Isabel dos Santos Relays Her Thoughts on Kindness

Isabel dos Santos is one the most successful Angolan businesswomen throughout history, and she particularly stands out with regards to her attitude towards progression. Throughout her entire life, she had lived through people trying to tell her that she could not or should not do certain things simply because she is a woman, but Isabel dos Santos thoroughly rejects this perspective, and she instead encourages young girls around the world to pursue whatever they are interested in rather than what someone tells them to. Check out

Because of Isabel dos Santos’s particularly kind view towards younger generations, she is being looked up to particularly by up-and-coming figures in the entrepreneurial world. While she has a political presence as well, she is quite well known for all the success she has found within her own businesses and within the businesses of others. The most important aspect of any job, in her eyes, is to try and glean as much information as you can from your experience. If you do not operate on this basic principle, it is going to be very difficult to succeed past a short-term perspective.

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Hoje voltamos a fazer história em Angola 🇦🇴. Trabalhar o que é nosso, com os nossos recursos, as nossas pessoas. Do sonho vem a conquista e com a nossa Zap Estúdios assim foi… Quando sonhei em produzir os nossos próprios programas e partilhá-los com todos os angolanos, juntou-se uma grande equipa, que é mais uma família para falar verdade. Investimos em infraestrutura, em recursos, material, formação e conhecimento. E hoje inauguramos os estúdios da Zap em Talatona e assim levamos Angola ao mundo 🌍 #SharingbyIsabeldosSantos #ZapEstúdios #Angola #Success Today we are making history again in Angola 🇦🇴. Working with what is ours, with our resources, our people. This success of our Zap Estúdios came from a dream… When I dreamed of producing our own programs and sharing them with all the Angolans, immediately there was a great team, which is one more family to speak with. We invested in infrastructure, resources, material, training and knowledge. Today we inaugurate the Zap studios in Talatona and thus we take Angola to the world 🌍

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This is something Isabel dos Santos had a hard time learning initially growing up. This is not, however, for the same reason many may first think of. While it might seem that her early life would be easygoing and simple because she was born into the world with wealth and power, she knows better than anyone that even all those material possessions will not be enough to satisfy the neverending human need for happiness.

What she has found to be helpful instead is to focus in on the issues around the world that matter the most to her and contribute as much as she can to these causes. Isabel dos Santos is a woman who believes that the best parts of humanity are rooted in altruism, and one of the best ways to exhibit this behavior is by simply considering the perspective of the other person. Isabel’s finest characteristics lie not in how profitable she is as a figure but in how kindly she treats other people.


Article Title: The Indian entrepreneur Bhanu Choudhrie

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Bhanu Choudhrie is an Indian-British entrepreneur. He was born in 1978 in India in the city of New Delhi. After finishing his education, he went to study tertiary education in the United States. At the University of Boston, he studied International Business and Marketing. He secured an internship program with JP Morgan. After graduating, he went to London, Britain. He later studied at Harvard Business School and completed the owners and president management program.

In London, he founded C&C Alpha Group which is a private investment corporation. He is the executive director of the company from 2001 till date. The group has invested in various industries and won awards in different categories such as luxury hotels and spas in India and Mauritius and care homes in Britain. He has also involved his brother in his business venture. The group also provides consultancy services to investors and corporations. Bhanu Choudhrie and his company also offer solutions and endorse companies in industries such as agriculture, aviation, hospitality, healthcare among others. Visit

Bhanu Choudhrie and the C&C Alpha Group have shown interests in the Arab world for a long time. The company owns an aviation company in the UAE. The UAE School is at the moment training about 120 students. The company also has its roots in the Philippines with over 500 pilots training in its school. The company has insights on more Asian and Arab countries looking to invest more there. There is demand for pilots, and thus more pilots should be trained.

In 2018 Bhanu Choudhrie was approached by Megalith Financial Acquisition Corporation to be their director a position in which he accepted. He also serves on the board of directors for the Atlantic Coast Bank and the Citizens Bank. He is a philanthropic person and is the director of a charitable group which was founded by his mother. It champions for the empowerment of women especially those with disabilities. Bhanu Choudhrie has won awards such as the Asian Voice Political and Public Life Award. Read more on

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Guilherme Paulus on How he Plans to Increase Tourist Footfall in Brazil

In the last few years, the growth that CVC Brazil has witnessed has been phenomenal. The credit of the success of CVC Brazil can be attributed to its co-founder and President of the board of advisors, Guilherme Paulus. He has been working hard to make CVC Brazil, one of the biggest and most prominent tour operators in the country from the very beginning. It is what he eventually achieved, and is today among the wealthiest Brazilians with the net worth estimated to cross over a billion dollars comfortably. The recent acquisition of CVC Brazil by Carlyle Group has also helped in his net worth growth.

Guilherme Paulus said that handing over the reins of the company to Carlyle Group is a strategic move as it is what would help the company grow further, not only domestically, but also globally. In order to grow globally, CVC Brazil needed more expertise, management support, finance, and resources, which Carlyle Group is in position to provide. Guilherme Paulus recently gave an interview in which he discussed some of his business tips and recommendations, which includes maintaining a daily and weekly to-do list to stay focused and productive. He also manages the GJP Hotels and Resorts and is its President. It has more than two dozen properties in Brazil currently and plans to open many more in the years to come. To know more about him click here.

Guilherme Paulus feels that there are many hidden gems in Brazil that visitors do not know about. As a citizen of the country, he has to show tourists the places that they would not find anywhere else. In collaboration with the government, he is trying to lift these places and improving them so that more visitors would be willing to visit them. It means that the government needs to build more roadways and promote hotel industry in these areas to attract tourists.