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Matt Badiali: Mining the Gold from the Mining Industry

Investment expert, geologist, analyst and investment advisor, Matt Badiali does it all. From oil trends to wealth strategy to financial analysis. Mr Badiali is well travelled and researched in the field of natural resources. The man has worked with drilling and environmental companies looking into the health and potential of the company, its structure and financials.

With a bachelor’s degree in Earth Sciences from the Penn State University and a Masters degree in Geology from Florida Atlantic University, the geologist by training still goes down to the ground to see how experienced drilling crews are.

He combines his education and skills as a geologist with his experience as an investor to determine what companies present the most potential. He joined Banyan Hill Publishers where he is a natural resources expert. He has expertise in drill rig machines, in inspecting mines and in consulting for environmental companies. Matt also writes about natural resource markets, metals and investing in the energy sector.

Matt Badiali’s Facebook speaks for itself as he posts very often on issues investment and about the mining industry. Mr Badiali’s Freedom Check video on YouTube helps companies plan strategically and identify what companies need to buy and invest in. According to Matt Badiali, freedom checks are just payments. Mr Matt Badiali has travelled to many parts of the world including Papua New Guinea, Iraq, Hong Kong, Haiti, Singapore among other countries.

The ‘Real Wealth Strategy‘ sheds light on natural resources. Investing in natural resources includes any commodity that can be mined and has potential to do well. The Newsletter launched in 2017 understands the market; expounding on financial markets and science to help companies invest successfully. What makes the newsletter very engaging is because it’s hands-on provides facts for investors to protect them from making poor choices. The Real Wealth Strategy provides monthly newsletters, access to Matt Badiali’s model portfolio and every stock on his list, trade alerts and weekly podcast updates.


Many Tech Companies, Private Investors Set To Benefit From HGGC Company

When starting a business, no one really knows what the investment will turn out to be. In most cases, each investor depends on a business plan, which gives them the hope of benefiting from the business venture. That is different from HGGC, a tech firm based in Palo Alto, California.

Since the company was instituted in 2007, it has been able to help thousands of its clients all over the world to achieve their various projections. It is true that it wasn’t easy at the start. However, after putting various structures in place, today, Huntsman Gay Global Capital (HGGC) is one of the fastest privately owned equity firms in the world.

Although based in California, the tech company has put measures in place to serve its growing number of clients. According to latest statistics, the company is in control of more than $4.3 billion worth of clients’ assets. To safely handle this vast number of customers’ assets, HGGC has laid down specific structures that help the company stay afloat.

As part of its mission to achieve millennium goals, the company recently stated on its website that it has employed more workers. Most of these new members of staff have been drawn from various parts of the world. Although most of these newly-absorbed experts are based in Palo Alto, California, they endeavor to serve clients from all over the world.

The company has also put in place different practical programs that help its staff to better serve the growing number of clients. Among the practical programs include a well-designed website that shows the company’s services, physical and virtual addresses, and various customer reviews.

It is HGGC‘s policy that each customer or company it serves is different, unique, and has its own challenges, differences and objectives. With this in mind, the company treats each client individually. As such, the company develops personalized investment programs that are geared to helping each of their clients reach their objectives.

Today, more than 12 year since the company started, it has grown its clientele from just California to all parts of the world. For many people who want to learn about HGGC, the first thing is to visit their website and see for themselves the kinds of services the company offers.

The Benefits that Fortress Investment Group Gained After Registering in the Stock Market

Fortress Investment Group is the first wealth manager to register in the stock market. The company registered its stocks in the New York Stock Exchange despite a significant number of individuals, including experts in the stock market and financial analysts, highlighting that the organization could not become successful by trying such an ambitious undertaking. However, the move proved to be very successful when the company registered its stocks and earned a significant amount of money in this strategic plan. The following are some of the benefits that Fortress Investment Group gained after registering in the stock market.

History indicates that the shares belonging to the Fortress Investment Group were oversubscribed to the extent that the company had to share-split its stocks so that all the people willing to buy could get. The company benefited from the fact that it becomes a publicly traded company that has the full view of the government and other regulatory organizations that monitor public companies. This means that the company had new members on the board, who could make sound and critical decisions about the progress of the company.

The second benefit that the organization gained is that it acquired the necessary funding to continue expanding its operations and position itself in the market as one of the leading wealth managers in the industry. Companies are known to trade in the stock market for many purposes, but the main one is to gain funds, which are used to run the organization into the next phase of operations. Given that the stocks belonging to the organization were split to allow more people to buy them, the company was able to raise funds necessary to push it as one of the world leaders in the wealth management.

Lastly, the wealth manager can be said to have gained an indirect benefit by registering its stocks in the New York Stock Exchange. Due to the ambitious strategy that the organization was engaging itself in, it was able to attract a significant number of customers who started managing their wealth with the firm. This explains why the Fortress Investment Group is the largest wealth managers in the industry.