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The Success Story Of Randal Nardone, Co-Founder Of Fortress Investment Group

Randal Nardone is a co-founder of Fortress Investment Group, a company founded in 1998 together with two other investors. He works in the New York offices, and he is a principal of the alternative investment firm as well as serving as a member of the board of directors. Randal Nardone started working as an attorney, partner at Thatcher Proffit and Wood law firm. He later joined financial industry in 1997 when he joined Blackrod Financial Management and served as a principal before leaving for UBS AG in 1997 where he served as a managing director. Randal Nardone holds a bachelor’s degree in Biology and English from the University of Connecticut as well as Law degree from the Boston University School of Law.

In December 2017, Fortress investment group made an announcement that the company is being acquired by SoftBank Group corp., a huge banking company from Japan. The acquisition was made at $3.3 billion making the Japanese company an owner of all the outstanding shares. After the purchase, the management of the Fortress Investment Company including Randal Nardone retained their positions. The company delisted itself after the acquisition making it the original equity company to delist itself in the United States. The company will operate as an independent company investing in what they are specialists in including real estate, private equity firm, hedge funds, railroads, and credit funds.

Randal Nardone talked about the massive acquisition of Fortress Investment Group stating that he was very optimistic that the deal will reinforce his company. He also noted that the agreement would help his company grow shortly and be able to access more credit. He stated that the deal saw each share of Fortress Investment Group being bought at $8.08 per share whereas it was trading at $5.83 per share. The deal was a great deal for all investors in his company.

The total amount of money made by the executives of Fortress is $1.39 billion after the acquisition by SoftBank. The amount is to be split among the investors based on the number of individual shares.

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What Makes Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks Legit?

Investors who are ware of internet offers might miss the opportunity to invest in Freedom Checks, either as a result of labeling it a scam or too good to be true. Freedom Checks have been introduced by Matt Badiali through a viral ad campaign.

Matt Badiali is a geologist, having been studying natural resources for over 2 decades, and being considered an expert when it comes to the mining and energy industries. He taught geology at the University of North Carolina, and at Duke University, and in addition his work and education took him across the globe, to places like Iraq, Singapore, Hong Kong, Papua New Guinea, etc. He spent time with entrepreneurs in oil industry and throughout his career more than 100,000 Americans turned to him for research.

Freedom Checks are a tax-free investment opportunity that exists as a result of Statute 26-F, a federal law enacted by Congress back in 1987. The law enables over 550 energy-related companies to send monthly or quarterly checks to investors, which have been dubbed by Matt Badiali as Freedom Checks. The firms are titled Master Limited Partnerships, and play a number of roles in the gas and oil industries. MLPs operate refineries, drill new wells, and transport fuel through their pipelines. In order to qualify as a Master Limited Partnership and in turn benefit from tax exemption, companies must send investors 90 cents of every dollar earned.

The income tax does not apply to Master Limited Partnerships or to their shareholders, investors paying a small tax on capital gains once they sell their shares. The policy was designed to give Americans an incentive to invest in energy industry. The law was passed in with the idea that the United States needs to maintain its independence through the production of more energy, the law rewarding people who invest in domestic oil and gas producers.

A similar concept has been making headlines recently, titled Trump Bonus Checks, being introduced by Mike Burwick. There are many fundamental differences to Freedom Checks however, as Brunwick’s checks comes as a result of investment made in the companies he recommends, as opposed to MLPs.

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Randal Nardone’s Dynamic Leadership Skills In The Finance Industry

Randal Nardone is one of the few professionals who has cemented his name and character in the finance industry. He is commonly identified as the Chief Executive Officer at Fortress Investment Group and also sits as a co-founder of the company since it started in 1998. He borrows the remarkable skills that got him to his current position from gaining educational experience from the University of Connecticut where he graduated with a Bachelor’s in Arts and a Juris Doctor from Boston University’s School of Law.

Randal Nardone gained his working experience from working at a law firm, Thacher Proffitt & Wood where he rose to become a partner and a member of the executive committee. He then veered into the finance industry where he joined BlackRock Financial Management. Randal maintained the position as a principal up to 1997 left to join USB. At USB he held the managing director position. A year later, Nardone met his other co-founders Wesley Edens and Rob Kauffman, and together they founded Fortress Investment Group LLC in 1998. He has stood as Fortress Investment Group’s CEO since 2013.

Fortress Investment Group has experienced vast growth under the current leadership with Randal Nardone holding the Private Equity division in the company. Apart from being deeply involved with the Fortress Investment Group, Nardone worked for other affiliated firms including Fortress Credit Corporation where he sat as the principal and co-founder, Newcastle Investment Holdings, Springleaf Financial Holdings, and Fortress Investment Trust among others. He held significant executive positions during his times in the above-cited firms. It goes to show his skills, experience and dedication go along way into making Fortress Investment Group and the other affiliated companies the huge companies they are currently.

With the acquisition of Fortress Investment Group by Softbank Group, Randal Nardone retained his leadership roles. He is currently ranked at 557th in Forbes Billionaire list with a net worth of $1.8 Billion. A large part of his wealth is connected to his stake in Fortress Investment Group. Even with the acquisition, his influence, leadership, and skills will remain a significant component of Group.

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