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Changing Your Mental Fortitude With Talkspace

Talkspace has not been around for a long time, but it is becoming the app that many people are talking about. The reason for this is two-fold. One reason is that it provides a platform where you finally get to have your say. The second reason is that you can talk things out by way of text messages. This is the way that the world is going. Any people that do not respond to regular conversations by phone or therapy in person will find themselves somewhat impressed by talk therapy through Talkspace Reviews.

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What you ultimately want to do is get yourself in a space where you are going to make better decisions. You want to have a better life, and in order to do this you need to have the right tools to help you. Your life will not get better if things are bad if you do not have a way to escape your pain. In order to escape what you are going through you must talk your way through it. There is typically no other way to get out the pain that you are experiencing. When you learn and recognize this you know the things that can trigger issues. This is what counselors from Talkspace can help you discover. When you know the things that make you angry or sad you have a better sense of how you can avoid these things.

What may seem like a mystery to you will seem like textbook concepts to certified therapist from Talkspace that analyze cases like this on a regular basis. This is surely what Michael Phelps considered when he connected with Talkspace. Likely Phelps, you may assume that therapy is not for you and that it cannot help, but the reality is that these are certified professionals diagnose those things that you cannot see yourself.



Choosing to Use the Popular Talkspace App

Having a professional therapist to talk to can be incredibly rewarding when dealing with mental health issues. Whether you want to talk to someone long-term or you are just looking for a friendly face to speak to during a difficult time, Talkspace is an app that is well worth what it costs to create an account. Recently, Michael Phelps endorsed Talkspace through a commercial for the company. He explained in the commercial how therapy saved his life and how he recommends it to people who are currently struggling and need someone to talk to. To this day, Michael Phelps still endorses Talkspace and has partnered with this popular text therapy app.

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The great thing about the Talkspace app is that it is easy and quick to use. Just download it onto your phone or tablet and begin using it as you see fit. You will get matched to a therapist right away and can begin messaging them with important information pertaining to your situation. They will be able to both listen and provide valuable advice so that you are able to overcome certain obstacles and take control of your life once again. Talkspace therapists are trained to handle a wide range of different situations and can be the listening ear that you might not get normally.

What also makes Talkspace a wonderful app is that they work diligently on offering these services at affordable and cost-effective rates. Unlike going to a local therapist’s office and spending hundreds of dollars per hour, you can utilize this to your advantage for just pennies a day. This is why the app has been one of the top choices for those looking for solid mental health care from the comfort of their own homes or from wherever they might need someone to listen to their problems.

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Entrepreneur Ara Chackerian Shares His Thoughts On Mental Health Illnesses

Ara Chackerian is a private equity investor who manages the financial firm ASC Capital Holdings. Based in San Francisco, he invests in startup healthcare firms that are designed to introduce cutting-edge treatments and products. Some of the companies he has invested in and co-founded are TMS Health Solutions, Pipeline Healthcare, and BMC Diagnostics. He graduated from the College of Business at Florida State University in 2001 with a bachelor’s degree in marketing.

He is also involved in sustainability efforts. Ara Chackerian owns Limonopa Teak. This is a teak farm in Nicaragua that grows these trees in a way that benefits the soil rather than harming it. Hundreds of people in the surrounding community work at this farm and are well-paid. The teak is used to create furniture, flooring, cutting boards, countertops, and the decking of boats.

Ara Chackerian says that he and his business partner decided to launch their latest company, TMS Health Solutions, because they saw a need to help people who have therapy-resistant depression. They already had extensive experience developing out-patient diagnostic radiology centers so building a similar company focused on treating depression seemed entirely feasible.

They partnered with a local psychiatrist, Dr. Richard Bermudas, who already had extensive experience with transcranial magnetic stimulation. This treatment helps those who have tried going to a psychologist for their depression and found talk therapy and medications didn’t work for them. TMS is the future’s third pillar of psychiatry, Ara Chackerian says.

In order to mark Mental Health Month, Ara Chackerian wrote an article in June about five important things to know about people with mental illnesses. He wanted to do his part to remove the stigma too many people carry with them about people with mental illnesses and share how to approach mental health issues.

He wrote that one in five people will at some point in their lives develop a mental health issue. It is important for these people to share this experience, Ara Chackerian wrote, so that other people experiencing it will know they are not alone. Among other issues, he also wrote that much of the language used about people with mental health illnesses needs to be either redefined or eliminated. To see more you can visit


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