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Betsy Devos and Department of Education Tackle Opioid Crisis

According to ‘Combating Substance Abuse in Schools,’ the January 17, 2019, edition of the United States Department of Education’s official blog, Homeroom, recent increases in substance abuse have had a major impact on K-12 students. In order to support students affected by the problem, The DOE, under the leadership of Secretary Betsy Devos, organized a series of three seminars designed for teachers and administrators.


In recognition of January 2019’s National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week (NDAFW), the department released the signs that indicate a student might be affected by alcohol, opioid or other substance abuse, together with strategies to help identify and support them.


Impact of opioid crisis in students


In addition to those students who may be struggling with addiction and substance abuse issues of their own, the parents or siblings affected by the opioid crisis peripherally impact on K-12 students in a number of ways:



  • Kids who live with a parent or guardian struggling with opioid addiction miss more days of school.


  • Displaced and orphaned children live with grandparents or enter the foster care system.




The first webinar in the series was held on April 26, 2018. Speaking were Dr. Wilson Compton, Deputy Director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, who outlined the history and demographics of the opioid crisis and discussed how neuroscience can help inform drug prevention strategies in the school setting.


Reginald Burke, Director of the Maryland state Department of Education’s Youth Development Branch, gave a talk on Maryland’s multi-tiered statewide practice and policy strategies for dealing with the opioid crisis. Governor Hogan, who declared a state of emergency in the state and allocated $50 million over five years to address the opioid epidemic, formed the Opioid Operational Command Center. The primary mission of the OOCC is to coordinate activities between local, state, and federal agencies.


The third speaker, McKenzie Harrington-Bacote, offered her perspective as Grants Administrator of Laconia, New Hampshire’s, Office of Student Wellness. Among other topics, she discussed the pros and cons of on-site Narcan for emergency use in schools and presented case studies of local students who had experienced family bereavements resulting from opioid use.


The second webinar took place on December 19, 2018. Speaking here were Frank Brogan, from the DOE Office of Elementary and Secondary Education; Mary Ann Gapinski from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, and Jeff Hawkins from the Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative.


The third webinar in the series has yet to take place. The existence of these webinars and the wealth of other resources provided by the Department of Education, help to underline Secretary Devos’ sensitivity to the problem of opioid addiction and its effects on students, and her commitment to supporting K-12 students to help them eliminate distractions and allow them to concentrate on obtaining the most from the learning environment and achieving their full potential.


Betsy Devos has devoted her life to seeking innovative ways of funding and providing K-12 education. She first became involved when her own children were growing up. She has spent more than 30 years in the field and worked tirelessly by liaising with government and private industry.


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Ara Chackerian Has Impacted The Medical Industry As An Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, And Investor

There are many noteworthy entrepreneurs out there today, but Ara Chackerian is perhaps in the top bracket when it comes to his level of success and contributions to the industry. Ara Chackerian has personally started up many successful companies over the course of his career, including TMS Health Solutions. Ara Chackerian is also a Partner for TMS as well as ASC Capital Holdings. On top of this, Ara is a member of various different companies in the healthcare industry. For more than 20 years of Ara Chackerian’s career, he has been investing in and building up healthcare businesses around the country.

For Ara Chackerian, every patient’s health comes first before the interest of money. This is not just the right way to behave when it comes to a person’s health, but it leads to better outcomes for the industry as a whole. Ara has worked to make the medical experience a more inviting one, trying to push away from the typical distaste that many people have for the doctor’s office. For Ara, this is the best way to deal with patients since the mental side of things are just as important as the treatments being performed. The better mental state of patients can determine the outcome of any treatments they receive from the healthcare industry. Ara Chackerian has said the inspiration for his ideas and changes to the healthcare industry have been inspired by his own life and family, one of the most powerful motivators.

Ara Chackerian has used this inspired for decades to find a high level of success in his career. Being a philanthropist, Ara is dedicated to helping others, especially young entrepreneurs and just the general youth with basic principles that can help them be successful in any industry they might go into. Ara believes that a good education is a necessity to being successful today, but not only from an academic standpoint. When an individual takes the initiative to build their education throughout their life, they are building on their own potential for greater success. You can visit Vimeo for more videos.

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What Else Can The DeVos Do

Everyone is impressed with the work of the DeVos family. From Dick DeVos to his wife Betsy, there’s no shortage of contributions that the family makes. But today, we take a specific look at one DeVos who has enabled the married team to soar.


Betsy is the wife of the once Amway President, Dick DeVos. The two are inseparable when we examine their vast work in philanthropy.


It’s through this business that the DeVos got their start in philanthropy. Which is to say that every DeVos has the opportunity to give back. But when your business generates billions per year, what you give back is tremendous.


This is what we continue to see with Betsy’s current work.


The veil over the family name is being removed.


That new role, which was taken on by the business mogul’s wife, is with the strong-running Trump administration. It’s not everyday that someone is given this. Betsy’s current work resides within education. Her specific role takes into account all national education and in the United States.


We can’t mention the family’s charity without listing her role.


See, the feat is no small one by any means. If it weren’t for Betsy’s background in philanthropy, no work today would be possible. And this needs some explanation for clarity. The impact that’s necessary within U.S. public education is one that only a seasoned philanthropist achieves. Betsy is just that.


We take a look at the nature of her husband’s business to understand this in full. Remember, the two work together as one name. Their business is among the top ten rated businesses yearly. It’s called Amway and is built on a team of sales reps who enable products or services to be bought without advertisement or physical retail locations.


The community is specifically made up of enthusiastic entrepreneurs who work together for a cause they believe is greater than themselves. It’s within this mindset that we reveal how people like Betsy really see the world. The yearly revenue of the Amway company is another underlining factor. But it is not the leading factor.


That business balance places Betsy and her husband high on the financial scale and internationally. With such an expansive history of giving and caring, tremendous developments are in store within the U.S. department of education. It’s now all in the hand of Betsy DeVos and her husband’s guidance.