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How Renowned Plastic Surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden Is Making People Happy With Facial Upliftments

Located in Austin, Texas, the Walden Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center offers a variety of highly intricate face upliftment procedures operated by Dr. Jennifer Walden and a team of expert surgeons. Dr. Jennifer Walden a renowned cosmetic surgeon leads the treatment center. She is a certified plastic surgeon according to the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Plastic surgery is the process of reducing wrinkles, frown lines, sagging skins and sun damage, which might give a gloomy look to your face. Currently, Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center offers various procedures that incorporate cutting-edge technology into its procedures. Let us elaborate on the surgical procedures done at the center.

• The first procedure worth mentioning is Facelift. With time, age takes a toll on our skin quality, and the effects are evident on our faces and necks. The loosening of skin gives rise to creases around the mouth with the neck full of skin folds. Facelift covers up the symptoms of aging. The procedure involves trimming of extra skin, fat removal, and muscle tightening.

• With age, frown lines on foreheads can be fixed with the help of a Browlift. It is the process of removal of the muscles around the brows to smoothen the frowns and permanently raise the eyebrows for a happy and youthful appearance.

• Then comes the procedure of a Chin Implant meant to balance the overall facial features. It is meant for people with a weak chin. It is normally followed by a lip augmentation procedure to achieve best results.

• Rhinoplasty is the most common surgical procedure performed to modify the shape of the nose. It also helps in removing lumps of mass and narrowing of nostrils for facilitating proper breathing. Even injuries and birth defects can be resolved using this technique.

• Otoplasty is a cosmetic procedure that deals with the human ear. It creates an aesthetic look of the ear without affecting hearing. It is beneficial for those with odd-shaped ears and critical injuries. After the procedure, it boosts the morale of people formerly with uncommon shaped ears.

Dr. Jennifer Walden actively takes part in philanthropic work. She has dedicated her life to making people happy and provides assistance to individuals who require it.

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Am I a perfect for for breast augmentation – Dr. Rod Rohrich

Off late, there is an increase in the number of breast-related cases in women who suffer from either improper breast shape or size. In either of the instances, breast augmentation is a perform way to treat this as it involves placing implants behind the breasts to enhance the shape and size. Dr. Rod Rohrich, one of the best plastic surgeons in America and the Professor of Plastic Surgery at the Department of Plastic Surgery at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center is an expert in this area has done extensive research about the different types of issues and their possible solutions. He always focusses on creative ways to not only optimize his surgical procedures but also to enhance results for all his patients.

He says that women are looking for perfection might not be well-suited for the surgery; instead, women who are looking for improvement could be perfect fits. He also expects his patients to be reasonable and realistic when it comes to the results so that there are no hassles before or after the surgery. And when you consult, he asks his patient about their desired breast size and also questions about placement of the nipples. If he feels that the breasts are sagging, then he generally recommends breast lift alongside breast augmentation to get perfect proportion. Once your consultation is done, you are likely to meet the photographer in the facility who would click some pictures for medical records. He also expects his patients to bring medical history records for him to get a better feel for your case.