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What we need to know about Betsy Devos

Betsy DeVos made a name for herself as a leader in Michigan politics. She built on a solid record of achievement in public affairs beginning as a philanthropist and the head of a wealthy family trust. She and her husband Dick DeVos made many outstanding accomplishments and helped foster charter education. Mrs. DeVos supported Dick DeVos’ goal of a flight school program in his Western Michigan Charter school the Western Michigan Aviation Academy. By the time of her appointment to Secretary of Education, Mrs. DeVos was an accomplished civil leader in philanthropy, politics, and education.



– Mrs. DeVos Sticks to Her Principles

Betsy DeVos believes in educational pluralism, and these principles came om her core ideals. Growing up in the Dutch Community in the Holland Michigan region, Betsy DeVos adopted the Christian Reform ideas that came to America with Dutch immigrants. Her ideals were reinforced in her education and family upbringing. While many critics see her role as either for or against public education, Mrs. DeVos has been a consistent advocate for educational pluralism.


Educational pluralism grants equal dignity to charter, faith-based and public schools. For Mrs. DeVos, there is no single best way to teach children, but there are methods that work better for a given child in their local and family situation.


– Mrs. DeVos is a Fighter

Betsy DeVos earned a reputation as a fighter in the bare-knuckle world of Michigan politics. Without open confrontation, Mrs. DeVos quietly and persistently sticks to her goals until achieved. She battled many establishments to promote charter schools. While she failed to get a ballot initiative approved, her efforts have helped create Charter schools in Michigan and many areas across the US.


– Betsy DeVos Reaches Out

Mrs. DeVos made a notable appearance with the Rapper PitBull to publicize his group of charter schools. The well-known singer and songwriter has come under criticism for lyrics that some find offensive to females. Mrs. DeVos appeared with Pitbull to celebrate his sponsorship of charter schools in his hometown of Miami and elsewhere in Florida. Mrs. DeVos reaches out to support opportunity for American youth; she does not confine her support to one group on another. There are many ways to contribute to educational choice and pluralism.


– Secretary DeVos Takes Control

The Department of Education has an enormous influence over US education. Its policies make educational opportunity possible for millions of our young people. The Education system also faces new and unforeseen challenges such as pupil safety amidst the recurring sadness of school shootings and the threat of mass killings.


Mrs. DeVos has given her attention to voices that urge arming teachers; she has approved funding to buy and supply guns in the classrooms where states and localities wish to do so. For Mrs. DeVos, new problems require an openness to new solutions. Tomorrow is always uncertain, but Betsy DeVos believes there is certainty in the principles that have guided her over the course of her remarkable career.


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End Citizens United Seeks To End Rick Scott Campaign

End Citizens United is a Political Action Committee that has been determined to make its presence felt in the current election cycle. Recently, the organization communicated a complaint to the Federal Election Committee accusing Rick Scott of illegally benefitting from super PAC funding in his bid for the Florida Senate. Details of the allegations contend that Scott has committed the infraction to get around established limits that have been placed upon direct campaign donations.

Super PACs are allowed to raise an unlimited amount of money and also support the candidate of their choice but are not allowed to work directly with a candidate. End Citizens United says that the relationship that Rick Scott has with the New Republican Political Action Committee violates this non-coordination rule. Scott was once the Chairman of the super PAC before seeking office and the group has pledged their support to him in his Senate run.

The campaign of Rick Scott has denied the allegations that are being made against it and say that his past affiliation with the New Republican Pac is of no bearing upon the present support received by Scott from the group. ECU counters this argument by pointing out that the New Republican website showed Scott to be the group’s chairman as recently as January.

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End Citizens United was created in response to a decision made by the Supreme Court in 2010 that created Citizens United. The Pac, whose formal existence begin March 1, 2015, has a stated mission of ridding the political process of the influence of ‘big money.’ The Pac supports candidates with a similar view regarding campaign donations and supports the drafting of laws that will remedy the issue.

ECU has identified Rick Scott to be a candidate who is not in favor of reforming the campaign finance process and the organization is intent on defeating him. To do so, ECU continues to investigate the campaign of Scott and has collected more evidence of what is alleged to be wrongdoing. Recently End Citizens United reported that Scott and New Republican have both formed partnerships with Jenny Rucker, a political fundraiser.

More evidence cited by ECU is a report by the Tampa Bay Times in February that Rick Scott was at the time raising money for New Republicans. Another report, this time by the Washington Post in March, stated that Rick Scott hosted a dinner for New Republican donors.

A poll ran by the Post also found that readers did not support Rick Scott’s decision to run for Senate.

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End Citizens United Places Hope In Lamb

End Citizens United is hoping that a Lamb will roar in an upcoming Pennsylvania election. The group, which is dedicated to getting a reversal of the ruling in the Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission case that deregulated limits on independent expenditures in political campaign spending, is supporting Democrat Conor Lamb for Congress.

Lamb is a 33-year-old Marine veteran and former federal prosecutor–and a hope within Trump country. He stirred enough excitement among voters to draw dozens of people through wintry conditions to hear him speak at a small town American Legion hall. That was one of the biggest crowds to turn out for a Democratic candidate in that district in years. The hope, both for Lamb and End Citizens United, is that there will be enough voters like this to secure a victory in the special election on March 13.

Lamb’s opponent is Republican Rick Saccone. The state representative had comfortably held on to his seat since 2003–until he resigned in October after becoming embroiled in a scandal. It had emerged that the congressman, a staunch opponent of abortion rights, had engaged in an adulterous affair and pressured his mistress to have an abortion.

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Republicans have reason to worry as they approach the election with a tarnished candidate whose fundraising efforts have been lackluster. Since Trump’s inauguration, Democrats have turned 34 state legislative seats, one governor’s seat and one U.S. Senate seat from red to blue. Republicans, on the other hand, have not seen such success.

The Republicans are worried enough that the GOP super PAC Congressional Leadership Fund opened a field office in the district according to Outside interest groups are pouring money into the race, highlighting the concerns that have driven End Citizens United. The super PAC Ending Spending Inc. bought $1 million in advertisements supporting Saccone, and pro-Trump group 45Committee put down $500,000 for attack ads.

Although Democrats have not seen recent success in the 18th district for federal elections, they’ve won seats on the state and local levels. They’re in the majority on the county commissions on three of the four counties in the district.

Just as End Citizens United is giving its support to Lamb, so are labor unions. Saccone made himself an enemy of labor by co-sponsoring legislation that would have curtailed Pennsylvania’s prevailing wage law, being backed in 2014 by Pennsylvania’s Right-to-Work Committee, and getting funding from the union-busting Ricketts family.