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Jason Hope – Entrepreneur, Mobile Technology, Arizona

Jason Hope is an Arizona business visionary, donor, and an investor in healthcare technology. According to Jason, after graduating with a MBA degree from Arizona State University, he saw it fitting to do something related with business. At first, mobile communication technology inspired him due to its benefits and gets to many people, and was just the largest catalyst for his change. In addition to his business and philanthropic initiative, Jason has a committed interest in politics as associated to business in the entire state of Arizona and nationally.

As a skilled futurist, Jason Hope has earned reputation. With a clear understanding and passion in technology, he applies the knowledge to view the field and make suggestions of the condition of the future technology. On the foundation of the present technological trends, Hope has the believe that the Internet of Things (IoT) may not be a vital player in the future of contemporary society as an increasing number of gadgets are getting connected devices. Hope’s recommendation and bits of knowledge about innovation is useful to present day organizations and people who are searching for the most ideal approaches to benefit from that innovation later on.

Jason is a local of Louisville, KY, and pursued a degree from UK in 2010 with degrees in International Relations and Spanish, and a minor one in French. In 2014, he finished his MCA degree in Educational Policy Studies and Evaluation at UK too, and he is right now selected in Eastern Kentucky University’s graduate authentication program in Safety, Security and Emergency Management. Some of his primary obligations incorporate working with UK representatives who travel abroad for business purposes, non-credit understudy travel supported by UK, risk issues in management associated with global travel, traveling of students to higher-risk goals, emergency administration, and UK’s universal protection strategy.

Jason has had a long lasting enthusiasm for travel. Until this point, he has had the chance to visit and study in 34 foreign countries, Puerto Rico and 49 of the US states.