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Dr. Dov Rand’s Hormone Restoration and Weight Loss Plan

Dr. Dov Rand is a specialized and expert medical practitioner. He is the co-founder and the head of Healthy Aging Medical Centers. He has been treating disorders associated with age for fifteen years; therefore, it is incontestable he is competent. Some of the age-related conditions he handles include erectile dysfunction, menopause among others. Dr. Dov Rand provides best therapies which are centered on peer-reviewed science to his patients. Additionally, he applies innovative therapeutic techniques and models to tackle common complications linked to aging. Indeed he adopts and embraces evidence-based treatment plan to handle both overweight and aging problems. In fact, he serves as an example because, at the age of 50 years, he is energetic. Regarding his education, Dr. Dov Rand attended and trained in New York at the prominent Albert Einstein Medical Center.

Dr. Dov Rand argues that for the human body to function efficiently, there should right hormones. According to him most of the age-related diseases and side effects are as a result of the decrease in hormone levels of the body. To boost healing mechanism internally, Dr. Dov Rand states that initial step should be restoring hormone levels. He further says that hormone levels can be stimulated by diet changes as well as body exercises. Dr. Dov Rand use of circulatory vitamin remedy aids the body to repair its default situation. To come up with the stated treatments, Dr. Dov Rand has done a lot of peer-based researches.

Dr. Dov Rand also uses an effective strategy which helps his patients to lose weight. One of the programs he uses on pregnant women is the HCG diet program. The program ensures that hormone produced when a mother is expecting a child provides nourishment to the fetus. However, this hormone may hinder a woman to lose weight hence Dr. Rand recommends HCG diet to lose weight fast.