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About Isabel Dos Santos

Isabel Dos Santos is a Businesswoman and also African Richest woman. During an interview, Isabel says that his father brought her up in the same manner he did with his brothers. She never experienced the attitude that men can do this and women cannot do this. The treatment gave her the spirit of being independent (CrunchBase).

Much of her wealth was generated in through investment and her previous work at an oil company. In 2018, she was ranked by Forbes as the 9th wealthiest billionaire in Africa.

Isabel Dos Santos Empowering women

During the National debate in New York, Isabel Dos Santos said that women are supposed to change the society. Her words of mentorship are seen to improve the communities’ way of thinking much. Because of the regions innovative spirit, most Africans appear to be among fruitful stakeholders this was according to Isabel Dos Santos. The mind alternatively has been weighed down by stigmatization from the men at workplaces.

The society has to make sure that women also access education and job opportunities. By doing that Isabel believes that she can instill confidence to the ladies. She is confident that women can experience financial strength and also offer their own counties influence in the universal economy.

Dos Santos mentores young people in Angola and educated them on the value of venturing. She also goes to the extent of visiting them in small rooms or education institutions. Isabel Dos Santos talks to women about digitalization. She trusts that modernism in technology is the key for Africa to be in the global economy and also offer exceptional employment opportunities.

By the use of network and computer, people can get employed and be in a position to provide for their families. While talking with the students at the University of Warwick, she tells a young lady who has ambitions to be patient and also have sub-goals beside the goals she has.

She encourages the girls also to have time for everything. Isabel dos Santos lets them know that, at some point, it is time to study, time to start a business or time to build a career. Engaging in activities that build up an individual’s goal was also necessary.

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What The Founder Of Lime Crime Doe Deere Had To Say About Female Entrepreneurship

Doe Deere is known for her amazing looks which she achieves by painting her face with bright hues. You can meet her on Instagram to see what I mean if you haven’t met her yet. This look, however, is not for fun alone because they define her brand, Lime Crime. Below are some of the things she talked about during an interview with Stephanie Janetos.

Her Inspiration

She says she grew up as an imaginative kid who always held paints, colors, and paints in hand. She pointed that she could add color to everything she touched from clothes to books to her mom’s makeup and other accessories. Now as an adult, she concentrates on making makeup as colorful as possible.

Her First And Worst Makeup

So she pulled out her makeup bag and applied some dark pink color on the eyebrows that she crooked with a winter liner then added some brown lip gloss. Perfect! She says that perfection in every field needs patience and dedication and in her case, she had a lot of fun experimenting her career. People especially girls flocked her website to see what she is doing, and this brought the existence of her brand, Lime Crime in 2008. Her choice of name did not refer to anything specific rather a name that just popped up in her mind.

Her View Internet Based Business

“It has its advantages and challenges,” Doe says.

She added that the immediate responses one gets from the social media are a stepping stone to growth but the same platform can be used by people to spread scandalous rumors. Doe says she appreciates everything happening because it is part of the entrepreneurial trip.

How To Deal With Haters

She says that unless you are positive enough to ignore any manufactured scandals by bloggers, you cannot succeed because they will always be there. Doe does not concentrate her efforts towards the rumors rather on what she can do to improve.

Who Inspires Her?

She says that people with true visionary inspires her and it doesn’t matter who they are. However, she named few individuals in the industry such as Dita Von Teese and her friends Elena and Stella Rose.

She was in disbelief to see her photo on the cover of a Self-made magazine with other great female business moguls, and she says it feels great to be recognized.

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